Annual Continuing Reviews

The Annual Continuing Review process begins one year after the initial protocol is approved by the IBC. The annual continuing review confirms that all IBC related work is being performed at the previously approved containment levels, that personnel and training are up to date, and that the biosafety cabinets’ certifications and the funding associated with the project are current.

The eProtocol system will list an expiration date of the application, but please note that this date marks the end of the three year approval period. Each year, annual continuing reviews must be submitted to remain in compliance. Once the continuing review is approved, the IBC application will remain active for another year. The continuing review process is repeated during the second year. After three years, a renewal application must be submitted if the work will continue past the expiration date.

You will receive an automated email notification if there are stipulations to your Annual Continuing Review. Approval notices are sent via automated email and your Continuing Review’s status in eProtocol will appear as “APPROVED” in the “Status/Comments” column.

Annual Continuing Review or Three-Year Renewal

The three-year renewal is the process of submitting a new application for a full review of the ongoing study.

If your protocol has been active for three years, complete a three-year renewal application instead of a continuing review.

Failure to complete the correct application will delay review and might result in a lapse of approval.

When to Submit an Annual Continuing Review Form


Automatic courtesy email notices are sent to the Principal Investigator, Co-investigator(s) and PI Lab Admin Contact roles listed on the protocol at 30 days, 7 days, and 1 day before the yearly expiration. Please note, in rare cases, investigators have not received these courtesy email reminders due to errors in the eProtocol system. Please help us by keeping a reminder notification to yourself in your calendar.

When you receive the Annual Continuing Review notice, please create, complete, and submit the Continuing Review form. See the job aid: IBC Annual Continuing Review.

You may also request closure of your protocol during the Annual Continuing Review process if experimental work is complete or discontinued.

Failure to Complete a Required Continuing Review

If you allow the protocol to expire by not submitting an annual continuing review or failing to respond to stipulations on a continuing review, we will suspend the protocol and notify you via email. If you do not renew an application at the end of its three year approval period, the application will automatically expire and become inactive in the system.

While suspended or expired, all activities involving r/sNA molecules, infectious agents, and biological toxins must cease until the protocol has been reactivated or renewed.

Contact us at or (612) 626-2161 to inquire about reactivating a suspended study.