IBC Policies

The Institution Biosafety Committee (IBC) is responsible for the review of University research and teaching activities involving recombinant and synthetic nucleic acid molecules, infectious agents, biologically-derived toxins, or other potentially hazardous biological agents as described in the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy and the University-wide Administrative Policy,

The IBC’s policies are periodically evaluated and revised as influenced by regulatory agencies and administrative changes.

All approved policy revisions will be posted on this site as they are implemented, along with the revision date for reference. The most current version of all Institutional Biosafety Committee policies are listed here.

General Administration

Number Title
  University of Minnesota Board of Regents Policy
  University-wide Administrative Policy
100 Regulatory Charge, Authority and Responsibilities
101 Role of Institutional Official
102 Policy and Procedure Maintenance
103 Training and Education of IBC Members
104 Training and Education of IBC Support Staff
105 Management of IBC Administrative Staff
106 Signature Authority
107 Voicing Concerns


Organization & Roles of IBC

Number Title
200 OBAO Administration and IBC Membership
201 IBC Composition Management
202 Management of Conflict of Interest
203 IBC Chair Responsibilities
204 Member Responsibilities
205 Consultants or Ad Hoc Reviewers
206 Role of the Biological Safety Officer (BSO) for the IBC
207 Role of the Executive Committee


Functions & Operations

Number Title
301 Application Requirements
302 Administrative Pre-Review
303 Meeting Preparation
304 Convening an IBC Meeting
305 Meeting Minutes
306 Records Management
307 IBC Communication
308 Access to Meetings
309 IBC Interactions with IRB
310 IBC Interactions with IACUC
311 Interactions with Other UMN Units
312 Review of BSL3 Research

Designated and Targeted Reviews


Review of Research/Activities

Number Title
400 Convened Meeting Reviews 
401 Continuing Review 
402 Amendments 
403 IBC Actions After Review
404 Non-Compliance with IBC Oversight
405 Periodic Review Application States
406 Incident Reporting
407 IBC Suspension or Termination
408 Appeals of Suspension or Termination
409 Infectious (Not to Humans) Agents
410 Prions and Prion-like Proteins


Investigator Responsibilities

Number Title
700 Principal Investigator Responsibilities
701 Required Training
702 PI Signature Requirements
703 Disagreement with IBC Decisions
704 Certification of Biological Safety Cabinets