IBC Committee

Power of the Committee

With combined expertise in areas ranging from DNA technology and virology to plant and animal containment, the committee works to ensure the protection and health of research lab personnel, the public and the environment.

The Vice President for Research and Innovation appoints IBC committee members, including faculty, staff, and community representatives who serve a three-year, renewable term.

The IBC follows the National Institutes of Health Guidelines for research involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules. The committee also adheres to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for biosafety in microbiological and biomedical laboratories.

The IBC meets once a month to review application submissions. The committee may request a modification of procedures and may direct the Department of Health, Safety, and Risk Management (HSRM) to inspect labs or other facilities.

Work may not commence until IBC approval is granted. The principal investigator will receive an electronic approval letter when all requirements have been met.

Becoming an IBC Member

To be considered for IBC membership, contact the IBC at 612-626-2161 or ibc@umn.edu.

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