Post Submission Process

Returned Protocols

Prior to panel assignment, OBAO/IBC administrative staff reviews new submissions as time permits. The OBAO/IBC administrative staff offers assistance in development of the IBC protocol and provides outreach to IBC committee members for expertise in special containment or procedure requirements. 

If a submitted protocol or amendment requires more information or clarification, we will return the protocol with comments requesting clarification and/or corrections. This helps to prevent protocols from being deferred or stipulated for common problems.

The Administrative Return Notes Job Aid explains how to access return notes and resubmit the protocol. All returned protocols must be resubmitted for our review.

Timeline of Review

The IBC meets once a month, typically on the third Monday of the month. Submission deadlines are generally the last Wednesday of the month prior to the meeting date. See Meeting and Submission Deadlines.

We recommend that you submit your new applications and three-year renewal applications for review at least two months before you intend to begin work or to the expiration of your current protocol (for three-year renewals) to allow time for any stipulations to be addressed.

If we receive an application on or before a submission deadline, it will be reviewed at the next IBC meeting. Applications received after the submission deadline will automatically be put onto the meeting agenda for the following month’s meeting. The principal investigator, co-investigator(s) and administrative contact will receive notice of the meeting results in eProtocol approximately 7–10 business days after the meeting.

Submission Status of Your Application

The eProtocol system lets you view the status of your IBC applications/protocols at any time. The “My Research Compliance” dashboard will show all applications within eProtocol. Choose the IBC tab to view only IBC protocols. Within your application, you may also view “Event History” in the left-hand tab which lists all of the status events and e-mails sent in relation to your application.

You will receive an automated email from the eProtocol system within a few minutes of submission. If your submission is complete, it will be assigned to the next open IBC meeting agenda. If additional information is required, your eProtocol application may be “returned” to you, or we may contact you via email.

If you do not get an automated email, it is likely your application has not been submitted. If the protocol event column does not say "SUBMITTED", it is not submitted. Please review the browser requirements and eProtocol navigation tips to assist with submission of your application. Contact us at 612-626-2161 or for further help in completing and submitting your application or to inquire about the status of a submission.