Post Approval Process

Notification & Letter of Approval

After we approve your application, we will send you an email from eProtocol with your approval letter attached. You can also find this in the eProtocol system on the “Events History” page of the application. To find the approval letter in eProtocol:

  1. Choose the IBC tab to view only IBC protocols in eProtocol.
  2. Click on the protocol ID number of interest.
  3. Open the application in “view” mode.
  4. Click on the “Events History” tab in the blue navigation bar within the application.
  5. Click on “Approval Letter” within the “Letters” Column. You will then be given the option to download a copy of the approval letter.

Post Approval Activities

Protocols remain active for three years, however, you must submit continuing reviews annually for the first two years of approval. If you intend to continue research after the protocol has been active for three years, submit a new application for full committee review by the IBC committee. This is referred to as a three-year renewal.

Follow these links to complete the appropriate form or application:

If you need to make changes to your protocol such as updating laboratory procedures or attachments, noting a new or expanded laboratory space, adding new personnel, or funding, then make these changes by initiating an amendment.