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leza besemann
Technology Commercialization

Leza is responsible for advancing corporate partnerships and promoting the Minnesota Innovation Partnerships Program (MN-IP). She is also responsible for all approaches to promoting University of Minnesota technologies including online marketing and licensing.

Leza has more than a decade of experience in technology transfer. Prior to her role as Associate Director, she worked with researchers to assess the commercial potential of innovations and managed the intellectual property protection process for those technologies.

She has over seven years of experience in product marketing and product development. Before joining the University in 2006, Leza was a product manager (marketing) of process analytical technologies at Thermo Electron Corp., an analytical instrumentation company. She worked with customers from a variety of manufacturing industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and chemical.

Leza is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). She has an M.S. in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and B.S. in chemistry from Binghamton University–State University of New York.

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