Sandipan Banerjee

Technology Portfolio Manager

Sandipan Banerjee is a Technology Portfolio Manager at Tech Comm. Sandipan handles the evaluation, protection, and commercialization of Intellectual Property developed at the University of Minnesota, primarily in the fields of Software, Computer Science, and Engineering technologies. In short, he works towards transitioning a Technology developed at the University, from lab inception to market integration. With over 7 years of industry involvement (including Fellow and Technology Portfolio Management experience in Tech Comm, and Senior Software Engineering experience in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors), Sandipan has experience and knowledge of multi-faceted aspects of a product life-cycle. In addition to that, he has a total research experience of 6+ years (in an academic setting during his MS and Ph.D. degrees).

Sandipan earned his Ph.D. and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville and the University of Delaware, respectively. His graduate research work was a combination of numerical simulations, heat transfer, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, among others. Before his graduate studies, Sandipan’s work as a Sr. Software Engineer was aimed at improving the performance of aero-engine components in aircraft and audio infotainment units in vehicles.