Sandipan Banerjee

Technology Portfolio Manager

Sandipan Banerjee joined Technology Commercialization as a Fellow in Jan, 2022. He currently works as a Technology Portfolio Manager in which his responsibilities include evaluation, protection, and commercialization of Intellectual Property primarily in the fields of Software and Engineering. He has prior industry experience of 5+ years (as a Senior Software Engineer in the Automotive and Aerospace sectors), and research experience of 6+ years (in an academic setting).

Prior to this Sandipan graduated with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville, KY where his research was a combination of thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, numerical simulations, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Prior to his doctoral degree, Sandipan received his master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Delaware in 2016. His master’s degree research included fluid mechanics using high-performance computing. Prior to his graduate studies, Sandipan worked in the automotive and aerospace industries in a software testing role for more than 5 years, with the goal of improving the performance of aero-engine components in aircraft and audio infotainment units in vehicles.