Tim Cusack

MNBridge Gap Funding Network Manager

Tim Cusack serves as the MNBridge Gap Funding Network Manager for the Technology Commercialization team. This function connects UMN inventors to non-dilutive capital and service partners to assist with advancing UMN inventions towards commercialization. In addition, Tim plays a role in coordinating Tech Comm's Early Innovation Fund, a competitive funding program available to the entire UMN research community to fund short-term projects that advance early-stage innovations.

Tim joined the University in 2021 after 35 years of experience working with major companies across various sectors, including consumer goods, industrial/institutional markets, food/beverage, and agriculture. His professional focus has primarily been on the creation of partnerships to support the adoption of emerging technology in new commercial products.

Tim has an MS in genetics from Pennsylvania State University and a BS in biological sciences from Stony Brook University.

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