2020 Patent Roll Call

The following US patents were issued to UMN researchers in 2020.

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Engineering, Physical Sciences, or IT

A Systematic Procedure for Synthesizing Virtual Oscillators for Inverter-based Power Systems; and Virtual Oscillator Controllers for Tunable Droop-like Functionality
Issued: 1/7/2020
Inventors: Sairaj Dhople; Mohit Sinha; Nathan Ainsworth; Florian Dorfler; Brian Johnson
Patent number: 10528687

Novel Two-terminal Spin Hall Effect Memory Device with Full Write and Read Functionalities
Issued: 1/7/2020
Inventors: Yang Lv; Jianping Wang; Mahdi Jamali
Patent number: 10529775

Method of Oscillogram Filtering for Radial MRI Data
Issued: 1/21/2020
Inventors: Curtis A Corum; Steen Moeller; Michael Garwood; Djaudat S Idiyatullin
Patent number: 10537265

Local Temperature Rise Constrained RF Pulse Design in Parallel Transmission AD15831 MB
Issued: 1/28/2020
Inventors: Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele; Nicolas Boulant
Patent number: 10545210

Novel FePd and Composite Bulk Perpendicular Stacks and their Growth for Spin Memory and Spin Logic Devices
Issued: 1/28/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Delin Zhang
Patent number: 10546997

An Integrated Assistive System to Support Wayfinding and Situation Awareness for People with Vision Impairment
Issued: 1/28/2020
Inventors: Max Donath; Chen-Fu Liao
Patent number: 10547967

Method for Analyzing Surgical Technique Using Assessment Markers and Image Analysis
Issued: 2/4/2020
Inventors: David M Hananel; Lauren Poniatowski; Rob Sweet; Troy E Reihsen; Vincent William Rotty; Jack B Stubbs; Astrini Sie; Michael E Winek; Timothy Kowalewski
Patent number: 10553130

FeN Powder with Anisotropic Shape
Issued: 2/18/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang
Patent number: 10562103

Workzone Safety System to Alert Construction Vehicles' Operators and Passing by Drivers about the Vicinity of Workers
Issued: 2/18/2020
Inventors: Imran Hayee; Nazanin Banaeiyan; Attiq Uz Zaman
Patent number: 10567910

A Process to Produce a Polyolefin Reactive Telechelic Pre-polymer (Dow Ref. 77615)
Issued: 2/18/2020
Inventors: Megan Matta; Henry Martinez; Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Jeffrey Munro; Kim Walton
Patent number: 10563009

Spatiotemporal encoding With Incremental Refocusing aLong a trajectorY (SWIRLY)
Issued: 2/18/2020
Inventors: Curtis A Corum; Steen Moeller; Michael Garwood; Djaudat S Idiyatullin; Angela Lynn Styczynski Snyder
Patent number: 10564241

Highly Stable Protein-containing Bioactive Coatings and Materials
Issued: 2/18/2020
Inventors: Andreas Buthe; Songtao Wu; Sarah Zhao; Liting Zhang; Ping Wang; Masahiko Ishii; Hongfei Jia; Minjuan Zhang
Patent number: 10563094

Chemical Vapor Deposition of a Multilayer Structure Including Fe16N2 Layers and Soft Magnetic Layers
Issued: 2/25/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang
Patent number: 10573439

Aerosol Particle Growth Systems Using Polymer Electrolyte Membranes
Issued: 3/10/2020
Inventors: Jikku M Thomas; Christopher J Hogan; Pramod Kulkarni
Patent number: 10583410

Electric-field Switching of Perpendicular MTJs for Stochastic Spiking Neural Network
Issued: 3/10/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Mukund Bapna; Sara A Majetich; Delin Zhang
Patent number: 10586579

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Method with Inhomogeneous Static Magnetic Field MRI Systems Using Radiofrequency Pulse Train Excitation and Refocusing Echo Acquisition
Issued: 3/17/2020
Inventors: Michael Garwood; Naoharu Kobayashi; Djaudat S Idiyatullin
Patent number: 10591566

A Renewable Approach to 3-Methyl-Valerolactone
Issued: 3/24/2020
Inventors: Mingyong Xiong; Kechun Zhang
Patent number: 10597687

Automated Detection of Nitrogen Deficiency in Corn
Issued: 3/24/2020
Inventors: Nikolaos P Papanikolopoulos; Mike Elias Bazakos; Dimitris Zermas; Vassilios Morellas; D J Mulla; Daniel Kaiser
Patent number: 10599926

Fault-Tolerant Flight Control of an Aircraft Using One Aerodynamic Control Surface
Issued: 3/31/2020
Inventors: Peter J Seiler Jr; Raghu Venkataraman; Brian R Taylor
Patent number: 10604236

A Novel Approach for Magnetization Transfer Contrast Preparation
Issued: 4/7/2020
Inventors: Xiufeng Li; Dingxin (Guilong) Wang; Gregory J Metzger; Kamil Ugurbil
Patent number: 10613171

Renewable Aromatic Surfactants via Acylation of Biomass-derived Furans
Issued: 4/14/2020
Inventors: Christoph Krumm; Paul J Dauenhauer; Kristeen Esther Joseph; Dae Sung Park; Dionisos G Vlachos; Raul F Lobo; Maura Koehle
Patent number: 10618881

Simultaneous Tx-Rx
Issued: 4/21/2020
Inventors: J. Thomas Vaughan; Scott M. Schillak; Charles A Lemaire; Matthew T. Waks
Patent number: 10627463

Three-dimensional Microscale Isotropic Metamaterials
Issued: 4/21/2020
Inventors: Jeong-Hyun Cho; Kriti Agarwal; Chao Liu
Patent number: 10624566

Biosynthetic Route Towards Serofendic Acid and Analogs
Issued: 4/28/2020
Inventors: Suzie Hsu; Michael J Smanski
Patent number: 10633680

Fast, Automatic Voxel Positioning for Single Voxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Human Brain
Issued: 5/5/2020
Inventors: Gulin Oz; Christophe Lenglet; Young Woo Park
Patent number: 10641854

Multi-part Body Coil
Issued: 5/5/2020
Inventors: Charles A Lemaire; Scott M. Schillak; Brandon J Tramm; Matthew T. Waks
Patent number: 10641846

A Self-assembled Graphene-based Gaseous Formaldehyde Sensor with Combination of Immobized Enzyme by Layer-by-layer Method
Issued: 5/19/2020
Inventors: Shota Sando; Tianhong Cui
Patent number: 10655160

Application-specific Processor Generation from General Purpose Processors
Issued: 6/2/2020
Inventors: Hari Cherupalli; John Sartori; Rakesh Kumar
Patent number: 10671774

High Precision Vehicle Navigation
Issued: 6/2/2020
Inventors: Stergios Roumeliotis; Anastasios Mourikis
Patent number: 10670404

Simultaneous Multi-slice Multiband Excitation with Parallel RF Transmission for B1 Homogenization and/or Power Optimization
Issued: 6/16/2020
Inventors: Sebastian Schmitter; Pierre-Francois Van de Moortele; Edward J Auerbach;Xiaoping Wu; Kamil Ugurbil
Patent number: 10684337

Exchange-spring Fe16N2-Fe Permanent Magnet in Bulk Form
Issued: 6/23/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang
Patent number: 10692635

Gradient Modulated Sweep Imaging with Fourier Transformation (GM-SWIFT) MRI Sequence
Issued: 6/30/2020
Inventors: Naoharu Kobayashi; Curtis A Corum; Michael Garwood; Djaudat S Idiyatullin; Jinjin Zhang
Patent number: 10698053

Training for Estimation of Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in MIMO-OFDM
Issued: 6/30/2020
Inventors: Xiaoli Ma; Georgios B Giannakis
Patent number: 10700800

A Ultra-compact, Passive, Wireless Sensor Using Quantum Capacitance Effect in Graphene
Issued: 7/14/2020
Inventors: Steven J Koester
Patent number: 10712302

Catalytic Conversion of Alkyl Lactates into Acrylate Esters
Issued: 7/14/2020
Inventors: Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Ian Tonks; Gereon Wuu-Yee
Patent number: 10710956

Copolymers as Excipients for Effective Solubilization of Poorly Water-Soluable Substances from Solid Mixtures (Dow Ref. 75832)
Issued: 7/21/2020
Inventors: Frank S Bates; Theresa Marie Reineke; Swapnil Ramesh Tale; Jeffrey M Ting; Steven J. Guillaudeu; Li Guo; Lakmini Widanapathirana
Patent number: 10717799

A Method for Producing a Weak Anion Exchange Media from Peat
Issued: 7/28/2020
Inventors: Igor Vasylovych Kolomitsyn; Douglas A. Green; Liudmyla Kildyshova
Patent number: 10722878

Enhancing Coloration of Structural Pigments by in situ Deposition of Carbon
Issued: 8/4/2020
Inventors: David P Josephson; Andreas Stein; Laurent Vidal
Patent number: 10729641

Effective Data Corruption Filter for 3D Reconstruction
Issued: 8/4/2020
Inventors: Gilad Lerman; Yunpeng Shi
Patent number: 10733718

Piston-by-Piston Control of a Hydraulic Pump Motor Using a Two Degree-of-Freedom Valve
Issued: 8/11/2020
Inventors: Thomas Richard Chase; Michael Berne Rannow; Perry Y Li
Patent number: 10738757

Computing on Pulse-Width Modulated Signals
Issued: 8/11/2020
Inventors: Shiva Jamalizavareh; David J Lilja; Marc Riedel; Mohammadhassan Najafi; Ramesh Harjani; Kia Bazargan
Patent number: 10740686

System and Method for Motion-Robust Mapping of the Transmit Field in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Issued: 8/11/2020
Inventors: Mehmet Akcakaya; Sebastian Daniel Weingaertner
Patent number: 10739420

Emulation-Based Physical Layer Cross-Technology Communicaiton
Issued: 8/18/2020
Inventors: Ruofeng Liu; Wenchao Jiang; Zhijun Li; Tian He
Patent number: 10749991

System and Method of Simultaneous RF Signal Transmission (Tx) and Reception (Rx) in MR Applications
Issued: 8/25/2020
Inventors: Sung Min Sohn; Michael Garwood; J Thomas Vaughan; Djaudat S Idiyatullin
Patent number: 10753995

Smart Load Management System
Issued: 8/25/2020
Inventors: Sourav Kumar Patel; Murti v Salapaka; Blake Richard Lundstrom
Patent number: 10756570

Scaling Network and Alternator Logic for Thermometer Code Computing
Issued: 9/1/2020
Inventors: Kia Bazargan; Soheil Mohajer; Zhiheng Wang; Sayed Abdolrasoul Faraji
Patent number: 10763890

Artificial Gut Simulator for Evaluation of Supersaturated Drug Formulations with Simultaneous Dissolution and Absorption
Issued: 9/8/2020
Inventors: Ronald A. Siegel
Patent number: 10768160

Locally Low Rank Noise Variance Reduction with Multi-scale Noise Variance Reduction
Issued: 9/8/2020
Inventors: Mehmet Akcakaya; Steen Moeller
Patent number: 10768260

A Predictive Modelling Framework for Identifying Rare Class in Absence of Truth
Issued: 9/15/2020
Inventors: Guruprasad Nayak; Varun Mithal;Vipin Kumar; Ankush Khandelwal
Patent number: 10776713

Smart Cavity Design Approaches Using FSS for Feedline Suppression in Array Applications
Issued: 9/15/2020
Inventors: Rhonda Franklin; Chanjoon Lee; Robert Sainati; Aditya Dave
Patent number: 10777901

System and Method for Dynamic Quantification of Myocardial Tissue Properties
Issued: 9/15/2020
Inventors: Mehmet Akcakaya; Sebastian Daniel Weingaertner
Patent number: 10775464

Antiambipolar Heterojunctions from Solution-processed Semiconductors (Northwestern No. NU2014-192)
Issued: 9/22/2020
Inventors: Chris H. Kim; Weichao Xu; Mark C Hersam; Deep M Jariwala; Tobin J Marks; Vinod K Sangwan
Patent number: 10784848

Freeway Queue Warning System
Issued: 9/22/2020
Inventors: Zhejun Liu; John Hourdos
Patent number: 10783787

Cationic Silica Flotation of Oxidized Iron Ores at Natural pH
Issued: 9/29/2020
Inventors: Matt Mlinar; Tom Steven Petersen
Patent number: 10786819

Spintronic Thermal Sensor with Fast Speed and Less Correction Cost
Issued: 10/6/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang
Patent number: 10794774

Hydrogel Via Atom Economical One-pot Synthesis and Self-Initiated Photopolymerization of Lactose Methacrylate
Issued: 10/13/2020
Inventors: Philip Thomas Dirlam; Marc Andrew Hillmyer; Larissa Ribeiro da Fonseca; Hasmukh Patel
Patent number: 10800893

Controlling Parallel Data Processing for Service Function Chains
Issued: 10/13/2020
Inventors: Yang Zhang; Zhi-Li Zhang; Vijay Gopalakrishnan; Bo Han; Muhammad Bilal Anwer
Patent number: 10805164

Production of Chemically Crosslinked Poly(-methyl-d-valerolactone) Elastomers from High Molar Masspoly(-methyl-d-valerolactone) Homopolymers
Issued: 10/20/2020
Inventors: Debbie Schneiderman; Jake Brutman; Guilhem Xavier Roger De Hoe; Marc Andrew Hillmyer
Patent number: 10808084

Thermally Integrated Reforming Reactor Design for Internal Combustion Engines
Issued: 10/27/2020
Inventors: William Northrop
Patent number: 10815123

Spectral-Spatio-Temporal Imaging of Cardiac Electric Activity: Methods and Apparatus
Issued: 11/3/2020
Inventors: Bin He; Zhaoye Zhou
Patent number: 10820818

Electrode for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Generating Spatially Controlled Unidirectional Fields or Rotating Fields
Issued: 11/3/2020
Inventors: Lauri J Lehto; Silvia Mangia;Shalom Michaeli; Matthew Douglas Johnson; Olli Grohn; Artem Shatillo; Julia Slopsema; David Zhang
Patent number: 10821287

Remote-controlled Micro-scale Three-dimensional Self-assembly
Issued: 11/3/2020
Inventors: Jeong-Hyun Cho; Chao Liu
Patent number: 10821565

Outer-Rotor Bearingless AC Homopolar Motor with Advanced Features
Issued: 11/10/2020
Inventors: Eric Loren Severson
Patent number: 10833557

Improved Magnetic Adaptive Position System to Handle Ferromagnetic Disturbances, Hysteresis and Rotational Measurements
Issued: 11/17/2020
Inventors: Rajesh Rajamani; Ryan James Madson; Heng Wang
Patent number: 10837802

Vehicle-Weight Based Automated Passenger Counter
Issued: 12/1/2020
Inventors: Andrew J Kotz; William Northrop; David Burnell Kittelson
Patent number: 10850588

Shaped Tubes with Internal Features and Angled Fins for Additively Manufactured Heat Exchangers
Issued: 12/1/2020
Inventors: Susan C Mantell; Kunal Sudam Garde; Jane H Davidson; Brandon Jay Hathaway
Patent number: 10843267

Electric-field Switching of Perpendicular MTJs for Stochastic Spiking Neural Network
Issued: 12/1/2020
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Delin Zhang; Mukund Bapna; Sara A Majetich
Patent number: 10854257

Network-Assisted Raft Consensus Protocol
Issued: 12/1/2020
Inventors: Yang Zhang; Zhi-Li Zhang; Marco Platania; Vijay Gopalkrishnan; Bo Han
Patent number: 10848375

Exploiting Dynamic Timing Slack for Power Savings
Issued: 12/15/2020
Inventors: Hari Cherupalli; John Sartori; Rakesh Kumar
Patent number: 10866630

A Robust Lane Tracking System for Autonomous and Assisted Driving Under Limited and Severely Degraded Visibility
Issued: 12/22/2020
Inventors: Jiawei Mo; Junaed Sattar
Patent number: 10872246

Ultra Low Voltage Analog LDO with Smart Offset Based on Negative Charge Pump
Issued: 12/22/2020
Inventors: Saurabh Chaubey; Ramesh Harjani
Patent number: 10873257

Novel Spin Hall Material and Devices Structure: GiantSpin-Orbit Torque from Sputtered BixSe (1-x)
Issued: 12/29/2020
Inventors: Mahendra DC; Jianping Wang; Mahdi Jamali; Andre Mkhoyan; Danielle Reifsnyder Hickey
Patent number: 10878985

Food, Ag-Tech, and Natural Resources

Reducing Seed Fiber in Pennycress
Issued: 7/14/2020
Inventors: Ratan Chopra;M David Marks; Tim Ulmasov; Gary Hartnell; Maliheh Esfahanian; John C. Sedbrook
Patent number: 10709151

Human or Animal Health Sciences

Herbacetin as an ODC Inhibitor to Prevent or Treat Skin or Colorectal Cancers
Issued: 1/14/2020
Inventors: Zigang Dong; Dong Joon Kim; Yong Y Cho; Ann M Bode
Patent number: 10532040

Engineered Tri-segmented Pichinde Virus Expressing Reporter Genes, Antigens, Epitopes, and Genes of Interest as a New Viral Vector and Vaccine Platform
Issued: 1/14/2020
Inventors: Yuying Liang; Hinh Ly
Patent number: 10533159

Opioid Receptor Modulators and Use Thereof
Issued: 1/28/2020
Inventors: Horace H Loh; Shau-Hua Ueng; Shiu-Hwa Yeh; Shu-Yu Lin; Chuan Shih
Patent number: 10544113

Instrumented Urethral Catheter with Distributed Pressure and EMG Sensors
Issued: 2/4/2020
Inventors: Gerald Wayne Timm; Rajesh Rajamani; Mahdi Ahmadi
Patent number: 10548523

Optimization Algorithm for Programming Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode Arrays
Issued: 2/18/2020
Inventors: Joe Xiao; Edgar Pena; Matthew Douglas Johnson
Patent number: 10561848

Method to Enhance Swallowing Safety and Appeal of Beverages for Treating Dysphagia Based on Rheological and Sensory Parameters
Issued: 2/25/2020
Inventors: Zata M Vickers; JoAnne Robbins; Richard W. Hartel; Heather N. Mendenhall; Jacqueline A. Hind
Patent number: 10568831

Use of CD200 Competitive Inhibitors Conjugated to Adjuvants to Overcome Tumor Induced Suppression, and Enhance Immune Responses
Issued: 3/3/2020
Inventors: Michael R Olin
Patent number: 10576145

Systems and Methods to Provide Sympathetic Modulation Therapy
Issued: 3/10/2020
Inventors: Bryce Beverlin; Akshay Gupte; Bryan Clark; David Wechter
Patent number: 10583295

Gene Correction by Homologous Recombination in MAPC's
Issued: 3/10/2020
Inventors: Uma Lakshmipathy; Catherine M. Verfaillie
Patent number: 10583202

Manual Wheelchair System for Improved Propulsion and Transfers
Issued: 3/17/2020
Inventors: Gary D Goldish; Andrew Hansen
Patent number: 10588795

Artificial Peptide Substrates for Detection of FLT3 Kinase Activity
Issued: 3/17/2020
Inventors: Laurie L Parker; Minervo Perez
Patent number: 10590168

Methods for Targeting of Brain Tumor Cells with the Zika Virus
Issued: 4/7/2020
Inventors: Craig John Bierle; Andrew T Crane; Walter C. Low; Clairice Michelle Pearce; Maple Liudan Glass Shiao; Joseph P Voth; Christopher J Sipe; Nikolas Toman; Matthew R Chrostek
Patent number: 10610583

TAL Effector Nucleases for Precise Genome Engineering
Issued: 4/14/2020
Inventors: Daniel F Voytas; Feng Zhang; Adam J. Bogdanove
Patent number: 10619153

Device to Increase Vascular Compliance
Issued: 4/14/2020
Inventors: John A. Scandurra; Karl E Vollmers; Christopher J Scorzelli; Eric F Little
Patent number: 10617538

Phenoxyphenyldeazaflavins for Cancer Chemotherapeutic Sensitization
Issued: 4/14/2020
Inventors: Jayakanth Kankanala; Zhengqiang Wang; Yves Pommier
Patent number: 10617706

System and Method of Stimulating, Extracting, and Collecting Liquid from Human Breast Tissue
Issued: 4/21/2020
Inventors: Christie Traczyk; Courtney Hill; Hannah Catherine Bearinger; Jarrod Kenneth Neuharth
Patent number: 10625004

System and Method for Multiplexed Ultrasound Hearing
Issued: 4/21/2020
Inventors: Hubert Hyungil Lim; Hongsun Guo
Patent number: 10631103

Natural Killer (NK) Cell Specific Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR)
Issued: 5/5/2020
Inventors: Branden Scott Moriarity; Dan S Kaufman; David Lee Lampi Hermanson
Patent number: 10640570

Multipotent Adult Stem Cells
Issued: 5/5/2020
Inventors: Morayma G Reyes; Catherine M. Verfaillie; Leo T Furcht
Patent number: 10638734

SmartLight for Heart Lead Management
Issued: 5/12/2020
Inventors: Jack B Stubbs; Paul A Iaizzo;Darrin Beekman; Timothy Kowalewski; Gregory Peterson
Patent number: 10646118

Instrumented Lead Locking Device (LLD) and Sheath
Issued: 5/12/2020
Inventors: Sachin Bijadi; Darrin Beekman; Timothy Kowalewski
Patent number: 10646274

SmartLight for Coronary Angioplasty
Issued: 5/12/2020
Inventors: Jack B Stubbs; Sachin Bijadi; Darrin Beekman; Timothy Kowalewski; Arthur G Erdman; Gregory Peterson
Patent number: 10646275

CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB)
Issued: 5/12/2020
Inventors: Jakub Tolar; Mark John Osborn; Bruce R Blazar; Beau Richard Webber
Patent number: 10648002

Identification of High-potency Human TLR8 and Dual TLR7/TLR8 Agonists in Pyrimidine-2,4-diamines
Issued: 5/26/2020
Inventors: Mallesh Beesu; Sunil A David
Patent number: 10662161

Membrane Washing Apparatus
Issued: 6/2/2020
Inventors: Reuben S Harris; Brett David Anderson
Patent number: 10670558

Percutaneous Method and Devices for Longer-lasting RFA Therapeutic Relief from Chronic Pain Symptoms
Issued: 6/9/2020
Inventors: Bryce Beverlin; Akshay Gupte; Catherine E Taylor; Bryan Clark; David Wechter
Patent number: 10675085

Pulmonary-systemic Shunt
Issued: 6/9/2020
Inventors: Steven David Reinitz; Adam J Black; Ahmed Selim; Bradley F Slaker; Umang Anand; Paul Chouinard; Andrew D Bicek
Patent number: 10675395

Rapid Delivery of Diazepam from Supersaturated Solutions Prepared Using Prodrug-Enzyme Mixtures: Toward Intranasal Treatment of Seizure Emergencies
Issued: 6/16/2020
Inventors: Mamta Kapoor; Gunda Ingrid Georg; James Cokely Cloyd; Narsihmulu Cheryala; Ronald A. Siegel
Patent number: 10682310

Manual Wheelchair System for Improved Propulsion and Transfers
Issued: 6/30/2020
Inventors: Gary D Goldish; Andrew Hansen; Eric A Nickel
Patent number: 10695239

Multimodal Synchronization Therapy Using Sound and Electrical Stimulation via the Ear (mSync-hEAR)
Issued: 6/30/2020
Inventors: Cory D Gloeckner; Hubert Hyungil Lim; Yezihalem Mesfin
Patent number: 10701498

Nonsurgical Methods for Restoring the Physical, Mechanical and Aesthetic Properties of Tooth Enamel
Issued: 7/14/2020
Inventors: Yuping Li; Alex Fok; Conrado Aparicio
Patent number: 10709733

Use of HUH Fusion Proteins for Protein Labeling
Issued: 7/21/2020
Inventors: Klaus Lovendahl; Wendy Ryan Gordon
Patent number: 10717773

A Fully-integrated, High-voltage, High-density Microstimulator with Charge-balancing Techniques for Biomedical Implants and Instrumentation
Issued: 7/21/2020
Inventors: Anh Tuan Nguyen; Zhi Yang; Jian Xu
Patent number: 10716941

Peptide Activation of Resident Memory T Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
Issued: 7/28/2020
Inventors: David Masopust; Vaiva Vezys
Patent number: 10722537

Cell-free Selection of Site-specific Polypeptide Binders via Tethering
Issued: 7/28/2020
Inventors: Casim Sarkar; Igor Dodevski
Patent number: 10724076

Lateral Flow Assays with Thermal Contrast Readers
Issued: 7/28/2020
Inventors: Taner Akkin; Li Zhan; John C Bischof; Zhenpeng Qin; Warren Chan
Patent number: 10725033

Immunomodulators and Immunomodulator Conjugates
Issued: 8/4/2020
Inventors: David M Ferguson
Patent number: 10730871

Device and Method for Transplantation of Cells to Mammalian Tissues
Issued: 8/18/2020
Inventors: Timothy David O'Brien; John Brekke
Patent number: 10744230

A System and Method for Positioning and Supporting an Exercise Machine for Use in a Hospital Bed
Issued: 8/18/2020
Inventors: John Eric Ferguson; Andrew Hansen; Gary D Goldish; Eric A Nickel; Stuart Richard Fairhurst
Patent number: 10744362

Investigations of Kinase Signaling in Cancer Metabolism with Cell-active, Kinase-specific Biosensors
Issued: 8/18/2020
Inventors: Laurie L Parker; Laura J Marholz
Patent number: 10745439

APOBEC3B Monoclonal Antibodies
Issued: 8/25/2020
Inventors: Reuben S Harris; William L Brown; Michael A Carpenter; Emily K Law
Patent number: 10752699

Transvascular Catheter Continuum Robot
Issued: 9/1/2020
Inventors: Gillian McDonald; Timothy Kowalewski; Mark D Gilbertson; James D Van de Ven; Gabriel Ray Korinek
Patent number: 10760597

Isotope-coded Kinase Biosensor
Issued: 9/1/2020
Inventors: Laurie L Parker;Tzu-Yi Yang; Vincent Jo Davisson
Patent number: 10760113

Novel Compounds for the Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus Infections
Issued: 9/1/2020
Inventors: Jing Tang; Zhengqiang Wang; Andrew D. Huber; Stefan Sarafianos
Patent number: 10759774

Chemiluminescence Assays for Microbial Screening and Identification
Issued: 9/8/2020
Inventors: Abdennour Abbas; Ngoc Minh Phuong Bui
Patent number: 10767234

Systems and methods for assessing and training wrist joint proprioceptive function
Issued: 9/29/2020
Inventors: Juergen Konczak; Lorenzo Masia; Leonardo Cappello; Giulio Sandini
Patent number: 10786415

Multi-Modal and Multi-symptom Neuromodulation Therapy
Issued: 9/29/2020
Inventors: Jerrold Lee Vitek; David Escobar Sanabria; Luke Aaron Johnson; Gregory Frederick Molnar; Edward Mark Bello; Matthew Douglas Johnson
Patent number: 10786676

EpCAM Targeting Ligands Based on the Fibronectin Domain
Issued: 9/29/2020
Inventors: Clifford Michael Csizmar; Carston R Wagner; Larry Stern; Ben Hackel
Patent number: 10787499

3D Touch Table for Visualization and Virtual Prototyping of Medical Devices and Anatomy
Issued: 10/6/2020
Inventors: Chi-Lun Lin; Arthur G Erdman; Dane M Coffey; Daniel F Keefe; Kenneth M Merdan; Gregory E Ostenson; David M Flynn; Benjamin J Bidne
Patent number: 10796495

Two-Color SERCA FRET Assay of Intramolecular Structure and Function
Issued: 10/6/2020
Inventors: Gregory D Gillispie; David D Thomas; Razvan Liviu Cornea; Simon J Gruber; Seth L Robia; Kurt C. Peterson
Patent number: 10794898

Temporal Sparse Imaging of Cardiac Electric Activity: Methods and Apparatus
Issued: 10/6/2020
Inventors: Bin He; Long Yu
Patent number: 10791948

CSF Detector for Lumbar Punctures
Issued: 10/6/2020
Inventors: Amit Goyal; Brian James Krohn; Michael Greminger; Anastasia Zink
Patent number: 10791990

Pertussis Vaccines and Methods of Making and Using
Issued: 10/13/2020
Inventors: Sandra K Armstrong; Timothy J Brickman
Patent number: 10799573

Engineered, Inducible, Antibiotic-delivering Probiotic Bacteria
Issued: 10/27/2020
Inventors: Gary M Dunny; Katherine G Landuyt; Juan Borrero Del Pino; Yiannis Kaznessis
Patent number: 10813956

Pediatric 3d Printed Airway Stent and Deployment System
Issued: 10/27/2020
Inventors: Filippo Coletti; Andras Nemes; Robroy Maclver
Patent number: 10813776

Lateral Flow Assays with Thermal Contrast Readers
Issued: 10/27/2020
Inventors: Taner Akkin; Li Zhan; John C Bischof; Zhenpeng Qin; Warren Chan
Patent number: 10816492

Lactone-based Probes for Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis
Issued: 11/3/2020
Inventors: Erin E Carlson; Shabnam Sharifzadeh; Alireza Shokri; Clayton Brown; Ozden Kocaoglu; Joshua D Shirley
Patent number: 10822318

A System and Method for Virtual Prototyping, Design, Verification and Manufacture of Medical Devices ("Design by Dragging")
Issued: 11/10/2020
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Spectral-spatial Imaging Device
Issued: 11/17/2020
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Enhanced Methods for Microbiota Therapy in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Issued: 12/1/2020
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MiR-130 and Its Downstream Targets Specify Endothelial Development
Issued: 12/8/2020
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Transducer with Magnetic Nanowire Array
Issued: 12/22/2020
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Active Monitoring Pressure Sensitive Vascular Graft
Issued: 12/22/2020
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Patent number: 10869748

Production of a Humanized Skeletal Muscle using MYF5/MYOD/MRF4 (aka Myf6) Knockout Pigs
Issued: 12/29/2020
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Methods for Inducing and Expanding T Regulatory Cells
Issued: 12/29/2020
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Patent number: 10874727