Feeling Optimistic about the Prospects and Future of the U of M

In a recent opinion piece, University of Minnesota Retirees Association members highlighted U inventions and startup companies among the University's many contributions to the state. 

The U’s budget of about $4 billion educates our young people (15,000 graduate each year), creates research (think taconite; open heart surgery; apples [Honey Crisp, Haralson, SweeTango®]; the “black box” flight data recorder; Ziagen, an AIDS drug), and provides service to the state through U of M Extension. In 2018-19, the U of M Venture Center launched a record 19 startup companies (most located in the state) based on technology developed at the U of M, and more than 150 startups were launched from FY06 to FY19, including 70 in the health care field (bio/pharma/medical devices).

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