The Latest Gene-Edited Food Is A Soybean Oil That Comes With Zero Trans Fats

Calyxt, a startup based on U of M research, has announced the debut of its healthier alternative to traditional soybean oil.

A new gene-edited soybean oil has just hit the market, and it was designed with consumers in mind. Minnesota-based Calyxt, Inc. announced the first commercial sale of the product on March 1, touting its new high oleic oil as a healthier alternative to commodity soybean oils that contain trans fats.

It’s also the latest example of genetically engineered foods designed to appeal to consumers rather than directly to the agriculture industry. Here, the genetic tweak is health-conscious, but scientists around the world are using gene-editing technology in a variety of new ways, from spicier tomatoes to gluten-reduced wheat for celiac sufferers.

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