Miromatrix Spins Out a Company, Steps Up Focus on Bioengineered Organs for Humans

Miromatrix, a startup based on U of M technology, has launched a new company to further develop products related to its organ-engineering business.

Miromatrix last week said that it created Reprise Biomedical, a company that will focus on building sales for Miromesh and Miroderm, two products already cleared for U.S. sales by the Food and Drug Administration. A dedicated staff is needed for the products to become “cash flow positive,” Miromatrix CEO Jeff Ross said.

Miromesh is a tissue-support product similar to other mesh devices for hernia repair, except that it’s made from a pig liver that has had its pig cells removed, leaving behind a “decellularized” matrix that promotes healing in humans. Miroderm, made from decellularized porcine liver, promotes healing in wounds.

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