Patent Roll Call: 2022

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Congratulations to these UMN researchers who were awarded patents for their discoveries! In 2022, UMN researchers were issued 103 US patents (foreign patents not included). 

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Receiving a patent is an intellectual achievement for any researcher and a key commercialization milestone. A patent allows a discovery to be shared with the rest of the world and advances innovation in and across important fields and industries, including health care, the environment, education, and food production.

US patent listings are publicly available through the USPTO Patent Public Search. See these Resources for Inventors to learn more about the UMN technology commercialization and patent process.    

Engineering, Physical Sciences, or IT

Exchange-spring Fe16N2-Fe Permanent Magnet in Bulk Form    
Issued: 1/4/2022    
Inventors: Yanfeng Jiang; Jianping Wang    
Patent number: 11,217,371

Preparation of Fe16N2, Fe16(NC)2 Film and Fe16N2/Fe16(NC)2 Multi-Layer Structure by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Method
Issued: 1/4/2022    
Inventors: Yanfeng Jiang; Jianping Wang    
Patent number: 11,214,862

Approaches to Reserve Strain in FeN Magnet    
Issued: 1/4/2022    
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang    
Patent number: 11,217,370

Renewable Aromatic Surfactants Composition    
Issued: 2/1/2022    
Inventors: Mahesh Mahanthappa; Christoph Krumm; Paul J Dauenhauer; Kristeen Esther Joseph; Dae Sung Park    
Patent number: 11,236,057

3D Printed Active Electronic Materials and Devices    
Issued: 2/1/2022    
Inventors: Michael McAlpine; Yong Lin Kong    
Patent number: 11,239,422

A Robust Variational Method for Segmenting Individual Bone Objects in 3D Clinical/Source CT Data    
Issued: 2/22/2022    
Inventors: Jeff Calder; Tarun Gangwar; Dominik Schillinger; Takashi Takahashi    
Patent number: 11,257,214

Smart Load Management System    
Issued: 2/22/2022    
Inventors: Sourav Kumar Patel; Murti v Salapaka; Blake Richard Lundstrom    
Patent number: 11,258,300

Highly Stable Protein-containing Bioactive Coatings and Materials    
Issued: 2/22/2022    
Inventors: Ping Wang; Andreas Buthe; Masahiko Ishii; Hongfei Jia; Songtao Wu; Minjuan Zhang    
Patent number: 11,254,898

3D Segmentation of Plants    
Issued: 3/15/2022    
Inventors: Michael Elias Bazakos; Vassilios Morellas; D J Mulla; Nikolaos P Papanikolopoulos; Dimitris Zermas    
Patent number: 11,275,941

Low-discrepancy Deterministic Bit-stream Processing    
Issued: 3/15/2022    
Inventors: Mohammadhassan Najafi; David J. Lilja; Marcus Riedel; Kiarash Bazargan; Sayed Abdolrasoul Faraji; Bingzhe Li    
Patent number: 11,275,563

Active Knit Compression Stockings    
Issued: 3/22/2022    
Inventors: Julianna Marie Abel; Rachael Margaret Granberry; Brad Holschuh; Kevin Paul Eschen    
Patent number: 11,280,031

Polyethylene and Polypropylene Block Copolymers    
Issued: 3/22/2022    
Inventors: Frank S Bates; Geoffrey Coates; Anne M LaPointe; James Eagen    
Patent number: 11,279,780

Chemical Sensors With Non-Covalent Porphyrin Modification of Graphene    
Issued: 4/5/2022    
Inventors: Phil Buhlmann; Steven J Koester; Justin Theodore Nelson; Xue Zhen    
Patent number: 11,293,914

Magnetic Casting Approach for Fe16N2 Permanent Magnet Mass Production    
Issued: 4/12/2022    
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang    
Patent number: 11,302,472

Exploiting Dynamic Timing Slack for Power Savings    
Issued: 4/12/2022    
Inventors: Hari Cherupalli; John Sartori; Rakesh Kumar    
Patent number: 11,301,030

Low Friction, Long-Stroke Rolling Diaphragm Cylinder for Passive Hydraulic Rehabilitation Robot    
Issued: 4/12/2022    
Inventors: Will Durfee; Saeed Hashemi    
Patent number: 11,300,116

Training for Estimation of Frequency-offsets and Multi-antenna Channels in MIMO-OFDM    
Issued: 4/12/2022  
Inventors: Georgios B Giannakis; Xiaoli Ma    
Patent number: 11,303,377

Electrochemical Sensors with Redox Buffers Attached to Colloid Imprinted Mesoporous Carbon as Solid Contact
Issued: 4/19/2022 
Inventors: Phil Buhlmann; Jinbo Hu; Andreas Stein; Xue Zhen    
Patent number: 11,307,165

A Data Remanence Based Approach to Extract a Stable Secret Key from an SRAM Memory    
Issued: 4/19/2022    
Inventors: Muqing Liu; Chen Zhou; Chris H. Kim; Keshab K. Parhi    
Patent number: 11,309,018

Polylactide Foams with Tunable Mechanical Properties and Wettability    
Issued: 4/19/2022    
Inventors: Philip Thomas Dirlam; David J Goldfeld; Marc Andrew Hillmyer    
Patent number: 11,306,192

A High Capacity Regenerable Adsorbent for the Removal of HYDROGEN SULFIDE from Gas Streams and Its Implementation in an Adsorption System
Issued: 4/26/2022    
Inventors: Michael Tsapatsis; Yasser Fowad Mohamed Al Wahedi; Balasubramanian Veerappan Vaithilingam; Saleh Al Hashimi    
Patent number: 11,311,855

3D Printed Stretchable Tactile Sensors
Issued: 5/3/2022    
Inventors: ShuangZhuang Guo; Michael McAlpine    
Patent number: 11,320,323

Lane Departure Warning System to Alert the Driver of Unintended Lane Drifting on Freeways and Highways
Issued: 5/3/2022    
Inventors: Muhammad Faizan; Imran Hayee; Shah Hussain    
Patent number: 11,320,284

Fast Algorithm to Simulate the Response of PDC Bits    
Issued: 5/3/2022    
Inventors: Emmanuel Michel Detournay; Kaixiao Tian; Ganesh Ramakrishnan    
Patent number: 11,321,506

Hybrid Charge Trap Transistor-MRAM Memory Devices    
Issued: 5/10/2022    
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Protyush Sahu    
Patent number: 11,328,757

Multilayer Approach to Increase the Stability of Curtain Coating    
Issued: 6/28/2022    
Inventors: Marcio Da Silveira Carvalho; Lorraine F Francis; Alireza Mohammad Karim; Wieslaw J. Suszynski; Vinita Yadav; Saswati Pujari    
Patent number: 11,369,988

Feed-Forward XOR Physical Unclonable Functions    
Issued: 6/28/2022    
Inventors: Keshab K. Parhi; Sandeep Avvaru    
Patent number: 11,374,774

The Use of Computer Vision for the Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant Smooth Muscle Neoplasms of the Uterus
Issued: 9/20/2022    
Inventors: Alexander Moses Truskinovsky; Nikolaos P Papanikolopoulos; Anoop Cherian; Panagiotis Dimitrios Stanitsas; Vassilios Morellas    
Patent number: 11,449,985

Adaptive Refocusing of Ultrasound Arrays Using Synthetic-aperture Imaging Data    
Issued: 10/4/2022    
Inventors: Hasan Aldiabat; Emad S Ebbini; Dalong Liu; Parker Dean O'brien    
Patent number: 11,458,337

Manipulation of Voltage Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy Engineered Through Hole-Doped Layers    
Issued: 10/4/2022    
Inventors: Thomas Jon Peterson; Jianping Wang; Delin Zhang; Anthony Hurben    
Patent number: 11,462,682

Square-Root Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter (SR-MSCKF)    
Issued: 10/11/2022    
Inventors: Stergios Roumeliotis; Kejian Wu    
Patent number: 11,466,990

Sliding Windowed Infinite Fourier Transform (SWIFT)    
Issued: 10/11/2022    
Inventors: Logan L Grado; Tay Ivan Netoff; Matthew Douglas Johnson    
Patent number: 11,468,144

Engineered Phosphotriesterases for Organophosphorus Compounds Remediation    
Issued: 10/11/2022    
Inventors: Mikael Hocine Elias; Eric Chabriere; David Daude    
Patent number: 11,466,261

Low Cost Sorting Network Circuits Using Unary Processing    
Issued: 10/18/2022    
Inventors: Kia Bazargan; David J Lilja; Mohammadhassan Najafi; Marc Riedel    
Patent number: 11,475,288

High Precision Vehicle Navigation    
Issued: 11/1/2022    
Inventors: Stergios Roumeliotis; Anastasios Mourikis    
Patent number: 11,486,707

NBTI-Aware Digital Low-dropout Regulator    
Issued: 11/8/2022    
Inventors: Ulya Karpuzcu; Karen Khatamifard; Longfei Wang; Selcuk Kose    
Patent number: 11,493,945

Phosphorous Containing Solid Catalysts    
Issued: 11/15/2022    
Inventors: Michael Tsapatsis; Paul J Dauenhauer; Limin Ren; Hong Je Cho; Raul F Lobo; Wei Fan    
Patent number: 11,498,062

Controlling Parallel Data Processing for Service Function Chains    
Issued: 11/15/2022    
Inventors: Yang Zhang; Zhi-Li Zhang; Vijay Gopalakrishnan; Bo Han; Muhammad Bilal Anwer    
Patent number: 11,502,910

FeN Powder with Anisotropic Shape    
Issued: 11/29/2022    
Inventors: Jianping Wang; Yanfeng Jiang    
Patent number: 11,511,344

Development of High Gain and High Aperture Efficiency Virtual Element Arrays    
Issued: 11/29/2022    
Inventors: Rhonda Franklin; Aditya Dave    
Patent number: 11,515,638

Exact Repair Regenerating Codes for Distributed Storage Systems    
Issued: 11/29/2022    
Inventors: Soheil Mohajer; Mehran Elyasi    
Patent number: 11,513,898

High Precision Vehicle Navigation    
Issued: 12/6/2022    
Inventors: Stergios Roumeliotis; Anastasios Mourikis    
Patent number: 11,519,729

Network-Assisted Raft Consensus Protocol    
Issued: 12/20/2022    
Inventors: Yang Zhang; Zhi-Li Zhang; Marco Platania; Vijay Gopalkrishnan; Bo Han    
Patent number: 11,533,220

Highly Stable Protein-containing Bioactive Coatings and Materials    
Issued: 12/27/2022    
Inventors: Ping Wang; Sarah Zhao; Andreas Buthe; Masahiko Ishii; Hongfei Jia; Songtao Wu; Liting Zhang; Minjuan Zhang    
Patent number: 11,535,773    

Food, Ag-Tech, and Natural Resources

Reducing Seed Fiber in Pennycress    
Issued: 1/18/2022    
Inventors: Ratan Chopra; M David Marks; Cristine Handel; John C. Sedbrook; Tim Ulmasov; Maliheh Esfahanian; Gary Hartnell    
Patent number: 11,224,237

Domestication of the Weed Thlaspi arvense: Creation of Early Flowering Winter Types    
Issued: 5/24/2022    
Inventors: M David Marks; Kevin M Dorn    
Patent number: 11,337,391

Domestication of the Weed Thlaspi Arvense: Improving Oil Quality    
Issued: 7/26/2022    
Inventors: Donald L Wyse; Kevin M Dorn; M David Marks; John C. Sedbrook    
Patent number: 11,396,657

New Ways to Create Useful Fatty Acids in Plants    
Issued: 8/9/2022    
Inventors: Ratan Chopra; M David Marks    
Patent number: 11,408,008

MN 1220 Grapevine 'Clarion'    
Issued: 12/6/2022    
Inventors: Matthew Daniel Clark; James Luby; Peter R Hemstad    
Patent number: PP34,794    

Human or Animal Health Sciences

Catheter devices, systems and methods for injection of adhesive materials    
Issued: 1/11/2022    
Inventors: Bharathi D Jagadeesan; Sean Lester Moen    
Patent number: 11,219,751

Bottom-up Approach RF Pulses in Magnetic Resonance    
Issued: 1/11/2022    
Inventors: Manu Veliparambil Subrahmanian; Gianluigi Veglia    
Patent number: 11,221,384

SING - Scalable Self-calibrated Interpolation of Non-Cartesian Data with GRAPPA    
Issued: 1/25/2022    
Inventors: Mehmet Akcakaya; Seng-Wei Chieh; Steen Moeller    
Patent number: 11,231,475

Accelerated Image Acquisition Using 2D Pulse Segments as Virtual Receivers for GRAPPA    
Issued: 1/25/2022    
Inventors: Michael Garwood; Alexander J Gutierrez; Jarvis David Haupt; Michael F Mullen    
Patent number: 11,231,476

Genetically Modified Cells, Tissues, and Organs For Treating Disease    
Issued: 2/1/2022    
Inventors: Christopher Burlak; Bernhard J. Hering    
Patent number: 11,234,418

Viral Gene Delivery Vectors with User-selectable Tropism    
Issued: 2/1/2022    
Inventors: Daniel Schmidt    
Patent number: 11,236,360

Anesthesia Monitoring Device and Method    
Issued: 2/8/2022    
Inventors: Jenna C Iaizzo; Jesus A Cabrera; Paul A Iaizzo; John P Mehawej; Kevin D Ruda; Will Durfee; Jason Paul Mcconnell    
Patent number: 11,241,171

Intracellular Genomic Transplant and Methods of Therapy    
Issued: 3/8/2022    
Inventors: Branden Scott Moriarity; Beau Richard Webber; Modassir Choudhry; Douglas C Palmer; Nicholas P Restifo; Steven A. Rosenberg    
Patent number: 11,266,692

TAL Effector Nucleases for Precise Genome Engineering    
Issued: 3/15/2022    
Inventors: Daniel F Voytas; Feng Zhang; Adam J. Bogdanove    
Patent number: 11,274,294

Integration of Low-Loss High Permittivity Materials with RF Coil for Denoising Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Maximizing SNR
Issued: 3/15/2022    
Inventors: Wei Chen; Xiao-Hong Zhu; Hannes Wiesner; Byeong-Yeul Lee; Qing X Yang; Maryam Sarkarat; Michael Lanagan; Sebastian Rupprecht; Navid Gandji    
Patent number: 11,275,132

A Novel Cell Release Method for Affinity-based Cell Separation    
Issued: 3/22/2022    
Inventors: Wei Shen; Mengen Zhang; Bin Xu    
Patent number: 11,280,789

Immunomodulators and Immunomodulator Conjugates    
Issued: 3/22/2022    
Inventors: David M Ferguson    
Patent number: 11,279,701

Synthetic Standards for Marker Gene Sequencing    
Issued: 4/5/2022    
Inventors: Kenny B. Beckman; Daryl M Gohl    
Patent number: 11,286,518

Method of Generating Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells from Pluripotent Cells    
Issued: 4/19/2022    
Inventors: Sunny Chan; Robert W Arpke; Michael Kyba    
Patent number: 11,306,287

Lung Biopsy Tool    
Issued: 4/19/2022    
Inventors: Amit Goyal; Brian James Krohn; Michael Greminger; Anastasia Zink; Roy Joseph Cho; H. Erhan Dincer; Felix Daniel Zamora; Gills Nyuyfoni Fai; Sarah Ostlie    
Patent number: 11,304,685

Treatment of Graft Versus Host Disease    
Issued: 4/26/2022    
Inventors: Bruce R Blazar; Ryan P Flynn; Alexandra Zanin-Zhorov    
Patent number: 11,311,541

Laser Assisted Gold Nanorod Warming: a New Platform Technology for Cryopreservation of Zebrafish Embryos, Germplasm and Other Millimeter Sized Tissues and Biomaterials
Issued: 4/26/2022 
Inventors: John C Bischof; Kanav Khosla; Zhenpeng Qin; Mary Hagedorn; Cari Suzanne Dutcher    
Patent number: 11,311,008

Multi-Modal and Multi-symptom Neuromodulation Therapy    
Issued: 5/3/2022    
Inventors: Edward Mark Bello; David Escobar Sanabria; Luke Aaron Johnson; Matthew Douglas Johnson; Gregory Frederick Molnar; Jerrold Lee Vitek    
Patent number: 11,318,311

Temporal Sparse Imaging of Cardiac Electric Activity: Methods and Apparatus    
Issued: 5/17/2022    
Inventors: Bin He; Long Yu    
Patent number: 11,331,030

Cyclic peptides and methods of use thereof    
Issued: 5/17/2022    
Inventors: Mark David Ericson; Carrie Haskell-Luevano    
Patent number: 11,332,499

Real-time Base Editing Assay    
Issued: 5/17/2022    
Inventors: Reuben Harris; Amber Renee St Martin; Daniel James Salamango    
Patent number: 11,332,749

Ketamine/Propofol Admixture ("Ketofol")    
Issued: 6/14/2022    
Inventors: Jayanth Panyam; Wayne T Nicholson; Nathan J Smischney    
Patent number: 11,357,743

Expression of Non-cleavable CD16a by Human ESC/iPSC-derived NK Cells to Enhance Their Therapeutic Performance
Issued: 6/28/2022    
Inventors: Bruce Walcheck; Jianming Wu; Yawu Jing; Dan S Kaufman; Zhenya Ni    
Patent number: 11,370,825

Magnetic Nanowires for Exosome Purification and Nano-barcodes and High Frequency Identification (HFID) Tags
Issued: 7/5/2022    
Inventors: Rhonda Franklin; Jaime Modiano; Bethanie J. Hills Stadler; Wen Zhou    
Patent number: 11,379,677

Gene Targeting in Plants Using Geminiviruses and Customizable Endonucleases    
Issued: 7/12/2022    
Inventors: Daniel F Voytas; Nicholas J Baltes    
Patent number: 11,384,360

Synergistic Anticancer Therapy    
Issued: 7/12/2022    
Inventors: Chun Wang; Sam Hanson    
Patent number: 11,382,929

Optimizing Human Regulatory T Cell Therapy through ID of Active miRNA/mRNA Complexes
Issued: 7/19/2022    
Inventors: Bruce R Blazar; Keli Lee Hippen; Ramiro Garzon; Yapings Sun; Pavan R Reddy    
Patent number: 11,390,848

N-Acetylgalactosamine-derived Block-co-Polycations for Liver-Targeted Delivery    
Issued: 7/26/2022    
Inventors: Theresa Marie Reineke; Bharat S Wagh; Yogesh Khemchandra Dhande    
Patent number: 11,396,571

Ultrasonic hearing system and related methods    
Issued: 7/26/2022    
Inventors: Cory D Gloeckner; Hongsun Guo; Mark Hamilton; Hubert Hyungil Lim    
Patent number: 11,399,240

Methods for Targeting of Brain Tumor Cells with the Zika Virus    
Issued: 8/9/2022    
Inventors: Craig John Bierle; Andrew T Crane; Walter C. Low; Clairice Michelle Pearce; Maple Liudan Glass Shiao; Joseph P Voth; Christopher J Sipe; Nikolas Toman; Matthew R Chrostek    
Patent number: 11,406,697

Recellularization to Prevent Thrombosis    
Issued: 8/16/2022    
Inventors: Stefan Kren; DNC Doris A Taylor    
Patent number: 11,414,644

Improving Gene-editing by Covalent Co-delivery of Donor-DNA    
Issued: 8/23/2022    
Inventors: Wendy Ryan Gordon; Eric Jackson Aird; Klaus Lovendahl    
Patent number: 11,421,208

Methods for the Analysis, Description, and Display of Body Surface Mapping Data    
Issued: 8/23/2022    
Inventors: Antonia Eugenia Curtin; Alan Jay Bank; Kevin Victor Burns; Ryan Michael Gage    
Patent number: 11,419,539

Super-Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converter Based on Redundant Sensing    
Issued: 8/23/2022    
Inventors: Anh Tuan Nguyen; Jian Xu; Zhi Yang; Diu Khue Luu    
Patent number: 11,424,755

Bioresorbable and Elutable Microspheres as Embolic Agents    
Issued: 9/13/2022    
Inventors: Jafar Golzarian; Lihui Weng    
Patent number: 11,439,725

Tunable Neural Electrodes for MRI-Compatible Brain Signal Recordings    
Issued: 9/13/2022    
Inventors: Wei Chen; Xiao-Hong Zhu; Rajesh Rajamani; Corey Cruttenden; Mahdi Ahmadi    
Patent number: 11,439,810

Small molecule cap-dependent inhibitors    
Issued: 9/13/2022    
Inventors: Carston R Wagner; DaQing Yang; Aniekan M. Okon    
Patent number: 11,439,656

Detecting Concussive Head/Brain Injury by Measuring Volitle Organic Compound Changes Expressed and Detected in Human and Animal Breath
Issued: 9/13/2022    
Inventors: Gregory Peterson; Justin Nelson; Greg Sherwood    
Patent number: 11,442,056

Self-navigation to Enable Efficient 3D DWI SE-EPI Multislab Multiband Imaging    
Issued: 9/20/2022    
Inventors: Mehmet Akcakaya; Steen Moeller; Sudhir Ramanna    
Patent number: 11,445,933

Combined Intraoral and Face MRI Coil    
Issued: 9/20/2022    
Inventors: Gregor Adriany; Donald R Nixdorf; Djaudat Idiyatullin; Ali Calgar Ozen    
Patent number: 11,448,714

Inhibitors of Bacterial Histidine Kinases    
Issued: 9/27/2022    
Inventors: Erin E Carlson; Manibarsha Goswami    
Patent number: 11,452,714

A Method for Discovery of Cell-free Nucleic Acid Markers of Disease    
Issued: 10/4/2022    
Inventors: Jaime Modiano; Milcah Carol Scott; John R Garbe    
Patent number: 11,462,296

Treating Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with Intratracheal Liothyrinine (T3)    
Issued: 10/4/2022    
Inventors: David H Ingbar; Jianxun Lei; Timothy P Rich; Robert J Schumacher; Maneesh Bhargava    
Patent number: 11,458,094

NOD2-Active Benzimidazole-Thiophene-2-Carboxamides    
Issued: 10/11/2022    
Inventors: Janardhan Banothu; Michael Brush; Sunil A David; Collin James Gustafson; Kathryn Trautman    
Patent number: 11,465,998

Compositions and Methods for Preventing and Treating Graft Versus Host Disease    
Issued: 10/18/2022    
Inventors: Heather E Stefanski; Bruce R Blazar; Benjamin G Vincent; Jonathan S Serody; James Coghill; Danny W Bruce    
Patent number: 11,471,517

Method and Device to Remedy Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction    
Issued: 10/18/2022    
Inventors: Thomas Owen Viker; Andrew Khair; Adam Lin Choe; Julianna Marie Abel; Henry Howard Koon    
Patent number: 11,471,283

Utilizing Periodic Irradiation to Enhancing Sensitivity of Magnetic Resonance Detection    
Issued: 10/18/2022    
Inventors: Silvia Mangia; Shalom Michaeli; Hanne Mari Laakso; Timo Liimatainen    
Patent number: 11,474,174

New Derivatives and Salts of"pseudo-GSH" for Use in the Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders
Issued: 10/25/2022    
Inventors: Swati Sudhakar More; Abbas Raza; Robert Vince    
Patent number: 11,479,579

System and Method for Functional Assessment of Myocardial Viability    
Issued: 11/15/2022    
Inventors: Mehmet Akcakaya; Sebastian Daniel Weingaertner    
Patent number: 11,500,052

Hyperspectral Imaging as a Tool for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and Screening of Potential Therapeutics/Prophylactics Against AD
Issued: 11/22/2022    
Inventors: Robert Vince; Swati Sudhakar More    
Patent number: 11,503,999

Novel Therapeutics for the Treatment of Glaucoma    
Issued: 11/22/2022    
Inventors: Peter I Dosa; Gunda Georg; Michael Anthony Walters; Michael P Fautsch    
Patent number: 11,505,572

Systems and methods for assessing and training wrist joint proprioceptive function    
Issued: 11/29/2022    
Inventors: Juergen Konczak; Leonardo Cappello; Lorenzo Masia; Giulio Sandini    
Patent number: 11,510,840

Peripherally Restricted Combination Therapy for Inflammatory or Cancer-related Chronic Pain    
Issued: 12/20/2022    
Inventors: George L Wilcox; Daniel Bruce; Carolyn Ann Fairbanks; Eyup Akgun; Philip S Portoghese    
Patent number: 11,529,340

Engineered, Inducible, Antibiotic-delivering Probiotic Bacteria    
Issued: 12/27/2022    
Inventors: Gary M Dunny; Juan Borrero Del Pino; Yiannis Kaznessis; Katherine G Landuyt    
Patent number: 11,533,915