Sironix Raises $1.8M to Ramp Up Production of Its Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Chemicals

UMN startup Sironix Renewables, based in Seattle, has raised $645,000 in seed funding and $1.15 million from the US Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office.

The new funds will allow the company to scale production of its Eosix technology — a plant-based innovation that can replace potentially hazardous, petroleum-derived chemicals found in shampoos, detergents and cleaning products. The company combines starch-based ingredients with natural oils to create its products. The chemicals, which are surfactants, can be used in cleansers, cosmetics, agricultural products, inks, paints and other coatings.

Sironix spun out of the University of Minnesota. The startup participated in last year’s Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator and was a finalist in GeekWire’s 2019 Elevator Pitch series. Launched in 2016, the company has received more than $6.4 million in grants and funding.

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