UMN and Vascudyne's TRUE Tissue Technology Finalist in National Story Competition

TRUE Tissue™ technology, an implantable biomaterial that has similar properties to tissue in a human body, is one of three finalists in AUTM's 2022 Better World Project story competition.

UMN Technology Commercialization licensed TRUE Tissue technology to startup and licensee Vascudyne, a biotechnology trailblazer in regenerative medicine, in 2017. The engineered tissue is created from cells isolated from donor tissue and is 100 percent natural. After several successful clinical trials, Vascudyne is now working to get the technology into the hands of surgeons to benefit the millions of patients in need of replacement and repair tissues.

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AUTM, a national technology transfer professionals association, selected TRUE Tissue as one of three finalists out of 65 submissions in the 2022 Better World Project (BWP) story competition. AUTM's BWP "highlights the global impact of research commercialization and the vital role that technology transfer plays in that process."

Voting is open now until 3:00 pm CT on February 22. Anyone can vote! The winner will be announced at the closing session of the AUTM annual meeting on Feb 23.

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