UMN Startup Receives $1.6M from NIH MedTech Program’s Inaugural Funding Cycle

Illustration of a human head with gears representing the mind. Text: Blueprint Medtech

UMN startup SecondWave Systems, a company co-founded by University of Minnesota Medical School Professor Hubert Lim based on research from his lab, earned one of the first awards from the National Institutes of Health Blueprint MedTech program , which seeks to accelerate transformative medical devices that restore brain health, improve healthy aging, and treat disorders of the nervous system.

SecondWave Systems received $1.6 million in support of the startup’s method of treating craniofacial pain with ultrasonic energy using a miniaturized neurostimulator. The placement of this stimulator is minimally invasive and provides pain relief through self-administration. SecondWave Systems also expects to receive $3 million through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program soon.

The University of Minnesota is a leader in research and innovation in neuromodulation, a field that encompasses implantable and non-invasive technology-based approaches to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders. Inventor Hubert Lim cochaired this year’s Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium, a leading national event in this rapidly growing field.