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GMUN Colleagues,

I wanted to let you know that the attached announcement will be going out within a few hours to 3,192 investigators who are PIs or Co-PIs on active awards or on proposals submitted within the last year.    You are likely already aware that SPA planned to make this policy change from our GMUN meeting in September, but this represents the actual announcement to campus.   In short, we will be changing to a "3 Days in Advance" SPA deadline for all proposals effective January 4, 2016

A few things to bring to your attention:

1)  We've created a web site that quickly summarizes the new policy, defines what constitutes an "on-time proposal", provides FAQs, and documents SPA's role in proposal review and submission.   That website is also referenced in the announcement memo.  Please review this site so you will be prepared to assist your faculty with any questions they may have.   If you have new FAQs, please send those to Kevin McKoskey ( or me ( 

2)  You'll note that there is a two month lead time before this policy change takes effect (January 4th).  That is deliberate, to allow you time in your departments and colleges to make any corresponding internal adjustments to your proposal preparation instructions/schedules.

3) Your departmental pre-award key contact, as shown on the GMUN list ( will receive a copy of any email notifications sent out about late proposals.  That reporting will begin in February 2016 (covering late proposals that arrive in January 2016).    This key contact list should be current, as we recently asked you to provide corrections, but if there are any changes, they should be sent to Laura Geno (   

4)  There will be a updated SPA deadline calculator that will become available for your use by December.   We'll send out an announcement when that is posted. 

We sincerely hope that this new policy helps YOU receive proposals earlier, be able to explain SPA deadlines more easily, and facilitates department head and collegiate research associate dean awareness and action if there are repeated occurrences of late proposals.  We will be tracking data and will be letting you know how the new policy is impacting late submissions. 

With thanks,

Pamela & Kevin

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