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  • scope of work
  • budget
  • the reporting requirements, both technical and financial
  • start and end dates
  • audit requirements that do not conform to federal Uniform Guidance
  • indemnity and liability
  • F&A (indirect) costs
  • ownership of technical developments

  • limitations for publication
  • requests for secrecy (see the Regents Openness in Research policy)
  • intellectual property issues such as use of results in later projects and licenses
  • payment terms
  • adverse reaction
  • termination
  • governing law

  • title or description of the award
  • award beginning and ending dates
  • dollar amount awarded
  • the terms of payment, (e.g., letter of credit vs. invoicing)

  • programmatic deliverables
  • financial invoicing/reporting requirements
  • cost sharing or matching commitments
  • a budget if it has changed from the proposed budget

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