Training & Education Overview

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA)—in collaboration with other departments, such as Sponsored Financial Reporting (SFR), the Office of Cost Analysis (OCA), and Research Integrity and Compliance (RIC)—supports RIO and the University community with a variety of educational opportunities on the many different areas of sponsored research administration.

SPA’s commitment to meeting the training needs of the University community encourages continued growth and development in creating new and exciting ways to deliver information in the most effective methods possible.

See the course schedule for SPA & SPECTRUM Classes and an overview of our training. Or, review available MN-GEMS Training.

Why come to this training? 

  • Learn from an expert! Subject matter experts will share their experience with you and answer questions you may have about different areas of sponsored research, from pre-award to post-award to close out.
  • Update yourself! Rules, policies, and regulations continue to change, so it is necessary to keep up-to-date with new happenings in your field. The curriculum is updated to match the changing world of sponsored research administration.
  • Enjoy the learning experience! In each training you will find a great blend of information, problem-based scenarios, and other skill and knowledge-building exercises for a diverse training environment.

Whether you are working with your first proposal or award or 500th, we hope that this training will benefit you in a number of ways. Sign up for a course today, reference the course schedule for SPA & SPECTRUM Classes to see a list of offerings this semester to get started.