Other Government Agencies' Guidance: Foreign Influence

DOE Guidance

DOE Order 486-1A: Foreign Government Sponsored or Affiliated Activities
Prohibits personnel involved in covered research activities from participating in non-US talent programs and other government sponsored or affiliated activities of certain "foreign countries of risk."

DOE Order 142.3B: Unclassified Foreign National Access Program
Imposes a requirement to obtain DOE approval before allowing foreign nationals to participate in covered research activities.

DOD Guidance

Actions for the Protection of intellectual Property, Controlled Information, Key Personnel and Critical Technologies
Michael Griffin memorandum, sent March 20, 2019.

NSF Guidance

NSF Memorandum 19-20: Research Protections
Sent from Director France Cordova, July 11, 2019.

Proposal Preparation Instructions
See section (f) Biographical Sketch; and (h) Current and Pending Support; and (i) Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources.

NSF Research Performance Progress Report
RPPR Screenshots and Instructions.