NSF Plans for Safe & Inclusive Work Environment When Conducting Off-Campus Research

New or renewal proposals to NSF submitted January 30, 2023 or later that are funded will require that PIs take an additional step to safeguard participants when engaging in off-campus research activities. Specifically, PIs must create a plan for a safe and inclusive work environment - and distribute that plan to each participant- in advance of departure for an off-campus research activity.

To reduce administrative burden on faculty, SPA has created a packet that includes a template plan that includes instructions, core University policy and procedure information as well as fields for PIs to complete their project-specific information.

Pamela Webb’s memorandum to NSF Principal Investigators dated February 22, 2023
Includes updates information from NSF specifying that these plans must be completed prior to proposals being submitted. Also includes links to updated information

Pamela Webb's memorandum to NSF Principal Investigators dated January 18, 2023 (and updated 2/21/23)
This version contains basic information about the new requirement and how it is being implemented at the U of Minnesota. The memo has been updated to reflect the clarifications provided by NSF in February 2023 relative to timing of plan completion.

Safe and Inclusive Work Plan Packet (Instructions plus Plan Template) - last updated 2/21/23
Download this document to obtain both the instructions and the plan template in a single document.

Safe and Inclusive Work Plan Only (Plan Template) - last updated 2/21/23
This document includes the two-page plan only, and may be more convenient for PIs to send to their participants (omits the instructions page).

Frequently Asked Questions last updated 2/21/23
This document contains answers to questions that may arise as plans are prepared, and includes suggestions for PIs facing "special circumstances" that may arise when conducting certain off-campus research and fieldwork. The FAQs also contain information about working with certain Directorates that require alternative forms of these plans to be included in a proposal (as opposed to being held locally at the University.)