Post Award & Close Out

After your award has been activated, you will begin your sponsored activities. As your project progresses, these resources may assist with the continued compliance with your grant guidelines. 

See the Subaward section for information on how to create manage, and report.

Changes & Sponsor Requests


Budget reallocations (rebudgeting) involve moving funds from one budget category to another without increasing the total amount of the award. Depending on the sponsor and type of award, the procedure for reallocating budgets will vary.

NIH Prior Approvals

Learn how to create a request for prior approval of NIH grants.

Change of PI

Departmental Steps for PI Departures

Administrative Supplements

Learn how to delegate rights to the assistant role for the purpose of administrative supplements.

REU Payments

Progress Reports

NIH Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)


NSF requires that NSF-funded researchers regularly report on the progress of supported projects and the way funds are used. Follow these instructions.

Award Close Out

The final steps in closing an account are extremely important for complete recovery of costs. Unless a request for an extension of time has been made to the sponsor, SPA assumes that the termination date marks the close of project activity. Closing a sponsored award in Peoplesoft Financials is a joint effort between SFR and the academic departments. SFR has created a checklist (pdf) as a tool to facilitate the close out process.

Policy: Fixed Price Contracts, Including Clinical Trials

Close Related Contracts

Terminate Material Transfer Agreements: Review the agreement for specific information. If required in the Material Transfer Agreement, send a report to the material provider on the results of the project and return or dispose of the material as directed by the provider.

Subcontracts: Make sure all invoices have been submitted.

Intellectual Property

The PI is responsible for disclosing any patent and intellectual property developments to Technology Commercialization. Technology Commercialization will then report inventions to the sponsors. 

Materials & Equipment

Review Equipment Inventory: Make sure all equipment assigned to the project is where it belongs.

Dispose of University Equipment and Materials: To dispose of equipment or materials, contact Inventory Services. Items are screened to determine their condition and possible reutilization. Unusable, or junk, items will be carried to the warehouse or sent to the University scrapyards. Functional items of value will be taken to the inventory warehouse for eventual use within the University. 

Transfer or sale of University equipment or materials outside the University can only be completed with the prior approval of Inventory Services and the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations, as well as the head of the department or college. Requests are made on a BA1393 form.


PIs complete and submit technical reports. The sponsor usually indicates the format and deadline for these reports.