Harassment Reporting

Various agencies (both federal and non-federal) are now requiring that the University (SPA leadership) report to them under certain circumstances when investigators have had either administrative actions or disciplinary actions taken against them related to harassment (including bullying) or sexual harassment. The requirements vary widely, as do reporting timelines, but some reporting obligations are extremely tight (as little as 10 days from the time an administrative action or disciplinary action was imposed). See additional information and a summary chart of current agency requirements:

If you would like a presentation on this topic for your department or college, please contact Pamela Webb (pwebb@umn.edu). Copies of presentations previously offered are also available upon request.

Procedures are still evolving, but in general academic affairs deans, EOAA, or research associate deans will alert SPA when there is a possibility that something needs to be reported, and SPA will do a complete analysis (also involving the Office of General Counsel).