Frequently Requested Institutional Information

CategoryInformation to Use
Legal ApplicantRegents of the University of Minnesota
SPA Address and Phone (Twin Cities)University of Minnesota
Office of Sponsored Projects Administration
450 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-2070
phone: (612) 624-5599   fax: (612) 624-4843
Type of Organization-Corporate StatusMinnesota State Constitutional Corporation
Institution Founding DateFebruary 25, 1851
Accreditation BodyNorth Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Congressional District5th (Minneapolis), 4th (St. Paul), 7th (Crookston), 7th (Morris), or 8th (Duluth)
CountyHennepin (Minneapolis), Ramsey (St. Paul), Polk (Crookston), Stevens (Morris), or St. Louis (Duluth)
Authorized SignersPamela Webb, Associate Vice President, (612) 624-1648 (
April Coon, Director, (612) 624-7021 (
David Hagen, Associate Director, (612) 626-9895 (
Amy Rollinger, Assistant Director, (612) 625-1359 (
Nic Allyn, Assistant Director, (612) 625-7054 (
Lorrie Awoyinka, Principal GCO , (612) 626-2265 (
Brett Carlson, Sr GCO, (612) 626-7441 (
Bridget Foss, Principal GCO, (612) 624-5571 (
April Nelson, Principal GCO, (612) 624-0035 (
Karen Sachi, Principal GCO, (612) 624-0895 (
Pat Donnell, Principal GCO,
Victoria Troxler, Principal GCO,
Riana Fletcher. Senior GCO,
Kim Makowske, Senior GCO,
Pat Struzyk, Principal Contracting Officer,
Rylee Pelzer, Subaward Compliance Officer,
Shannon Lovelace, Senior GCO,
Jennifer Howland, Sr GCO,
Explanation of Insurance CoveragesExplanation of Insurance Coverages Letter
Tax StatusExempt from federal income tax, except the tax on unrelated business income. See information about the U's Tax Exempt Status from the Tax Management Office.
IRS Identification No. (EIN)416007513 (For DHHS Use 1416007513A5)
State Tax Identification No.8029894
Cognizant Federal Audit AgencyDHHS
Division of Cost Allocation - Central States 
Contact: Arif Karim
Phone: (214) 767-3600
Commercial and Gov Entity Code (CAGE) No.0DH95 (This No. identifies companies doing or wishing to do business with the federal gov. It is assigned by the Defense Logistics Information Service.)
Central Contractor Registration (CCR)Active
Contractor Establishment Code (CEC)55692709D
DD Form 2345 Certification Number0036325 (Twin Cities campus only)
Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) No. 
(for sponsored research)
Twin Cities: DUNS = 555917996, UEI = KABJZBBJ4B54
Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) No.Duluth: DUNS = 071508873, UEI = LPCTM8BS8NF3
Morris: DUNS = 071501969, UEI = L3CLVHZ62EE4
Rochester: DUNS = 193169075, UEI = UKT7ZAYMKX86
Crookston: 555917996
F&A Rate Agreement date
Office of Cost Analysis: F&A Costs
Fed Interagency Cmmte on Educ (FICE) No.003969
Institutional Profile File (IPF) No.1450402
IRB Federal Wide Assurance No.FWA00000312
Internal Animal Care and Usage Cmmte (IACUC) No.D16-00288
Old number (for legacy system): A3456-01
Minnesota Department of Health Radioactive Materials LicenseMN-1049
NIH Institutional Training grantsLetter of commitment from Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
NAICS No.611310
ONR Procurement Audit Approval Date10/24/04
DHHS DS-2 Audit Approval Date3/29/00 DS2 - Approval Letter
USDA Type of Performing Org1862, Land Grant University 
USDA DHHS Payment Mgt System #2795491. Required for USDA/CSREES applications.
Unique Entity Identifiers (UEIs)Duluth: LPCTM8BS8NF3
Morris: L3CLVHZ62EE4
Rochester: UKT7ZAYMKX86
Twin Cities: KABJZBBJ4B54
University Vets-100 No.W006752
Checks made payable to and mailed to:Regents of the University of Minnesota 
NW 5957
P.O. Box 1450 
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55485-5957
Minnesota Department of Health Certificate of ComplianceCertificate