SPA facilitates the submission, acceptance, and management of sponsored projects and related research agreements for UMN investigators and their staff.

We are responsible for:

  • Reviewing proposals for completeness and compliance with agency and university requirements (nontechnical)
  • Approving and endorsing proposals on behalf of the University
  • Submitting proposals to agencies
  • Managing electronic systems for proposal preparation, institutional approval, and submission to agencies

Roles & Responsibilities

Do you know who is responsible for ensuring:

  • the proposal package is complete?
  • the PRF is routed and signed?
  • the proposal is submitted to us?
  • the proposal is submitted to the sponsor?

The Responsibilities Matrix and Roles & Definitions describe all activities in the lifecycle of a sponsored project and generally who is responsible for the activity.

For a more detailed outline of the responsibilities of principal investigators (PIs)/departmental administrators and SPA when submitting a proposal for electronic submission, read this PI Quick Guide

Reminder for Submitting Proposals to

When submitting a proposal to, the subject line or email title must contain:

  • Seven-digit PRF #
  • P.I. 's last name
  • Sponsoring agency.

For example:

  • 1070256 Dunbar MN Dept of Transportation
  • 1062251 Fulton NIH
  • 1074482 Heaney UCLA

Do not include the department, proposal title, co-PIs, prime sponsor, or any other extraneous words or punctuation in the title. This helps reduce the time it takes to process your proposal.