MN-GEMS Training


These training, guides, and workshop materials will help users navigate the new MN-GEMS system. Leading up to launch, emails highlighting newly released or updated materials are sent weekly to all grants management user network listservs, certified approvers, and the Council of Research Associate Deans.

Reference Guides are detailed, step-by-step instructions that cover all major functions within the overall topic listed. Indexes at the start of these documents allow users to quickly locate the subtopic they are seeking. They are best used as overall desk references and will be most frequently used by central and departmental research administrators. 

Quick Guides are short (usually 1-2 pages) high-level summary documents that itemize the steps needed to perform a specific function in MN-GEMS (such as how to certify a proposal or create a budget). These guides are sometimes targeted to a listed population of users deemed most likely to use them (e.g., PIs, collegiate approvers, etc.). Quick Guides may be listed here more than once if used for multiple functions in MN-GEMS. 

Videos are available for selected high-need topics and walk through the process steps in one or more Quick Guides. This format is ideal for users who are visual learners.

Resources not falling into one of these categories are referenced by the name/purpose of the document. Please send any questions to


Introduction to MN-GEMS – All Users

Funding Proposals

Funding Proposals in MN-GEMS


Awards & Modifications

Subawards in MN-GEMS


Funded Agreements

Funded Agreements in MN-GEMS

Unfunded Agreements (UFRAs)

Unfunded Agreements (UFRAs) in MN-GEMS

Open Labs

SPA staff will host casual Open Lab sessions every morning from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. through June 7th to answer questions about MN-GEMS. The purpose of the Open Lab is to stop in and ask questions of the new system. 

Join the open lab: 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.


Training Sessions

These topic-specific training sessions are held via Zoom, in a webinar-style with opportunities to post questions throughout. These sessions will also be recorded and posted to our Media Space channel once they have passed.

Thursday, May 2nd
Funded B&I and Non-B&I Agreements (watch)

Wednesday, May 1st
Clinical Trial Agreements (watch) 

Wednesday, May 1st
Unfunded Research Agreements (UFRAs) (watch)

Thursday, April 25th
Creating an Agreement (watch) 

Tuesday, April 23rd 
All Things Award (watch)

Thursday, April 18th
MN-GEMS Follow-up Creating a Budget (watch)

Thursday, April 18th
SF424 Form (watch)

Tuesday, April 16th
Monitoring a Funding Proposal & Ancillary Reviews (watch)

Thursday, April 11th
Creating a Budget (watch)

Tuesday, April 9th
Creating a Funding Proposal (watch)

Tuesday, April 4th
Intro to MN-GEMS and What is a ________? (watch) Q&A Notes