NIH Guidance: Foreign Influence

PI Quick Guide: New NIH Disclosure Requirements Overview: a new quick guide for NIH Other Support and Biosketch, including a flattening PDF instruction guide. See also: AssureSign Job Aid for NIH Other Support.

Statement on Protecting the Integrity of U.S. Biomedical Research: a memo from Francis Collins, NIH Director.

Guide Notice NOT-OD-19-114: NIH issued notice to remind investigators about the need to report foreign and domestic activities germane to their sponsored projects through careful documentation of other support, foreign components, and adherence to financial conflict of interest reporting processes (e.g., REPA reporting). NIH requires this information to prevent scientific, budgetary, or commitment overlap, and to ensure proper oversight of financial conflicts of interest before and while NIH funds are being expended.

FAQS - Other Support and Foreign Components: This information is frequently updated, so please check back periodically for new information.

Specific Requirements

Other Support

Foreign Component (Work to be performed outside of the US)

Biosketch Instructions