Staff Contact List

SPA Staff are working remotely, monitoring phones, emails, and mail according to university policy and recommendations following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

SPA Management Team

Principal Grant & Contract Officers

Grant & Contract Officer (GCO) & Department Assignments

See Grant & Contract Officer (GCO) and departmental assignments by unit (download) to find someone in your office who can help you with your sponsored project.

Employees Listed by Categories of Work

Award Closeouts

Robert Delutri, (612) 624-9004 (

Grant Administrators

Team One 

Lead: April Coon

Team Two

Lead: Amy Rollinger

Team Three

Lead: Nic Allyn

Team Five

Lead: Nic Allyn

EFS Award Setup Team

Lead: Amy Rollinger

Subaward Team

  • Sam Haus, Subaward Invoice Coordinator, (612) 301-1866 (
  • Rylee Pelzer, Subaward Compliance Officer, (612) 624-2086 (
  • Keleigh Johnson, Administrative Associate - Subawards, (612) 301-1677 (

Training and Education

Support Staff - Twin Cities


Office of Cost Analysis

Export Controls and International Programs

  • Pat Briscoe, Export Controls and International Projects Officer, (612) 625-3860 (

Duluth, Sponsored Projects Administration

Morris, Grants Development