Highlighting Research on Crookston and Morris Campuses

AVP Kirkpatrick, VPR Priya, and AVP Webb in a small room with several onlookers.

Vice President for Research Shashank Priya and Associate Vice Presidents for Research Pamela Webb and Kimberly Kirkpatrick toured the University of Minnesota Crookston and University of Minnesota Morris where they learned about research endeavors on each campus.

At Crookston, they were introduced to the Center for Rural Education in Science and Technology, which improves STEM accessibility in rural education for K-12 students, and learned about undergraduate involvement in research. They also visited the Northwest Research and Outreach Center, where researchers are studying critical issues for Minnesota farmers, including drought management, pest management, and soil health.

In Morris, where more than half of undergraduate students participate in research, Priya, Webb, and Kirkpatrick saw a demonstration of engaged teaching in action by observing students working on a biology research project. They also visited the Center for Renewable Energy Storage Technology and the West Central Research and Outreach Center, where researchers are working on a new vision for sustainability in rural towns and farms called the Morris Model.