LP Innovation Center Opens in Duluth

Ribbon cutting

On June 21, 2023, VPR Shashank Priya attended the grand opening of the LP Innovation Center, the result of a partnership between Duluth’s Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI), the largest applied research group at the University of Minnesota, and LP Building Solutions, a manufacturer of high-performance building products. 

“Corporate engagement is key for transition of laboratory based discoveries to the commercial markets, where they can enhance people’s quality of life,” Priya said. ”The value of a robust research university is in the new ideas, inventions, and practical solutions it can help bring about and the trained workforce it can provide through partnerships like this one.”

This center provides an opportunity to leverage NRRI’s materials expertise and testing capabilities to drive sustainable and economical building practices that results in economic growth for the region while fostering innovation and collaboration with LP Building Solutions.