OVPR Announces 2023 Funding and Awards

The Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) provides approximately $5 million in funding and awards annually to support and nurture the University’s systemwide research enterprise. The programs offer a broad range of resource opportunities, from smaller seed grants designed to jump-start new ideas to larger funding opportunities designed to incentivize collaborations across disciplines that address strategic needs.

What's New in 2023?

In 2023, OVPR is adding an Artist-in-Residence program that will allow artists (from a variety of fields) and scientists to collaborate, communicate, and learn together, spurring creative thinking and innovation that benefits both art and science. The Artist-in-Residence program will begin in fall 2023. More information about the opportunity and application process will be made available in April 2023.

Other New Programs, MN Futures on Hiatus 

Three new programs launched last year—the Innovation Impact Case Award, the Research Technical Staff Award, and the Social Justice Impact Grants—will be offered again in 2023. And in February, recipients of the International Institute for Biosensing (IIB) will be announced. IIB is a one-time program to develop a globally-engaged biosensing institute at the University of Minnesota. OVPR directed funds from the Minnesota Futures program to support the IIB, so that program is on hiatus for the next few years.

See this quick guide to OVPR Funding and Awards for 2023. More information about OVPR grants and awards will be shared with the research community closer to the application dates for each opportunity"

"Nurturing the talent and creativity of our researchers is a key priority for OVPR," said Vice President for Research Shashank Priya. "Investments in early-stage ideas provide a pathway to move promising discoveries forward, and rewarding the efforts of our research teams demonstrates our commitment to supporting our top talent. Additionally, seeding systemwide, collaborative efforts through our funding programs helps to facilitate the kinds of multi-disciplinary, pioneering research that has the potential to make a broader impact." 

Several of OVPR's grant programs are reviewed by an existing committee of UMN peers. For other funding and award programs, OVPR recruits reviewers with knowledge and expertise that aligns with the program. If you are interested in serving on a review committee in the future, please contact Associate Vice President for Research Amy Kircher, akircher@umn.edu.

Learn more about OVPR Funding and Awards. Questions? Contact the Research Advancement team at facgrant@umn.edu.