OVPR Launches Systemwide Research Newsletter

Introducing UMN Research: A newsletter for the research community

The Office of the Vice President for Research is excited to announce a new, monthly newsletter, UMN Research.

UMN Research will focus on need-to-know news and information for our systemwide research community, including research policy and process updates, funding opportunities, research resources, workshops and events, and other important announcements. We hope that it will support and elevate research faculty, staff, and students by:

  • Catalyzing innovation and collaboration through dissemination of funding and partnership opportunities and events
  • Connecting researchers to resources and shared facilities that support cutting edge research
  • Promoting research ethics and compliance by providing up-to-date information on research policy and processes
  • Providing a central and reliable source of need-to-know research information

Alongside launching UMN Research, OVPR is sunsetting the Inquiry blog and newsletter. This shift allows our team to re-focus some communications resources on more directly serving our internal University research community.

UMN Research will initially be sent to an existing list of University research community members as well as some former Inquiry subscribers, though all are welcome to subscribe. Keep an eye out for our first newsletter next week, August 9.

We are excited to launch this new resource and look forward to serving our research community as a go-to source of relevant and timely information.