Partnership with Cisco Advances Data Technologies

A new partnership with Cisco Systems, through the research arm Cisco Research, will advance cutting-edge technologies that transform the way people access, manage, and protect data. Highlights of the partnership include:

  • Coordinated the projects in record time (3 months)
  • Many of the PIs new to industry projects
  • New Master Research Agreement signed - modeled on MN-IP
  • 12+ projects to date
  • CSOM, CLA, CSE, Medical School

UMN Interim Vice President for Research Michael Oakes highlighted the Cisco collaboration as a major success of the University’s new corporate engagement model, which has been a priority for President Joan Gabel and the University’s MPact 2025 strategic plan. “There is unprecedented collaboration between my office and the University of Minnesota Foundation to really work on relationship management, so corporations have one point of entry, almost a concierge service when Honeywell or Cisco calls,” he said.

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Featured as part of the Vice President for Research's FY2021 annual report to the Board of Regents.