University of Minnesota Launches Marketing Campaign Highlighting Research

The U of M's new "Driven to Discover" campaign shows the impact of University research across the state.

An adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota has piloted a project to use empty trucks to “backhaul” locally grown produce for mass distribution. Computer scientists test robots to try to identify autism in toddlers. University ecologists are enlisting Minnesotans such as a couple in Turtle Lake, Minn., to help monitor invasive species in lakes.

These are some of the little-known research projects that professors and students at the University of Minnesota have led across the state and that are highlighted in a widespread marketing campaign premiering this week to reflect the school’s continued “Driven to Discover” mission.

“It’s really aimed at the entire state so they understand what the U is doing and what their tax dollars are going to,” Bubula said. “Sometimes it’s difficult to know what exactly is going on in research, but these things have such a profound effect on all of our lives just as Minnesotans, whether we are close to the U or not. These stories just really demand to be told.”

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