University of Minnesota Research Leaders Meet with BioMADE

Large group sits around a conference table ring in a room with two monitors

UMN research leaders (pictured above) met with Melanie Tomczak, head of programs and chief technology officer, and Penny Norquist, senior technology program manager, from BioMADE on April 2 to discuss partnership opportunities for UMN researchers and students with BioMADE. BioMADE aims to create a biomanufacturing ecosystem in the United States to enable bioindustrial manufacturing at all scales, develop ​technologies to enhance U.S. bioindustrial competitiveness, de-risk investment in ​relevant infrastructure, and expand the bioindustrial workforce to realize the ​economic promise of industrial biotechnology.

UMN is a BioMADE member and Associate VP Kim Kirkpatrick is the University's point person. As a part of the BioMADE membership, researchers can register for access to the BioMADE member portal where they can access discussion boards, build relationships, connect with BioMADE staff, and find partners to team up with on BioMADE projects. The BioMADE member meeting is occurring in Minneapolis on May 29-31 in the US Bank Stadium and UMN researchers are welcome to attend and can present a poster at the meeting. Registration for the meeting is currently open.

UMN researchers can register for the BioMADE newsletter to gain access to project calls and events. BioMADE releases annual calls in the areas of technology and innovation projects, education and workforce development, 4S social dimensions projects, and topic-specific projects. BioMADE can also be reached directly at UMN researchers are encouraged to engage with BioMADE by inviting them to participate in relevant events to learn more about UMN research in the biomanufacturing domain.