What the University of Minnesota Needs from Its Next President

An editorial in the Star Tribune about the search for the next U of M president recently emphasized the importance of the U's research mission.

The next university president should make it his or her mission to help change that forecast. He or she can advance strategies for recruiting more top-notch students and faculty, from Minnesota and around the world. He or she can put more focus on the university’s research mission, with an emphasis on discoveries that can generate new Minnesota industries, advance existing ones and make them talent magnets in their own right. And he or she can deploy university resources in ways that help more Minnesotans live up to their full economic potential.

... Significant facilities upgrades in recent years have better positioned it to compete for talent and research funding; in fiscal 2017, the U ranked ninth among U.S. public research universities in receipt of externally sponsored research grants.

Read the full editorial in the Star Tribune.