Using the UFRA Database – Quick Tips

The majority of proposal, award, and subaward documents facilitated by SPA have a financial component and therefore have a record within the University’s financial system. Non-monetary agreements, or UFRAs, do not have a direct financial component. As such, they do not need to have a record created within the financial system. Instead, UFRAs are tracked and statuses are maintained within the University’s home-grown UFRA database

This record within the database allows UFRA to track dates, statuses, and assigned Grant & Contract Officers per each transaction requested of our team. 

Anyone with UMN internet ID can access & search the UFRA database. 

Accessing a record within the database will tell you, at a minimum: 

  • Whether or not SPA’s UFRA staff received your request 
  • What date the UFRA staff received your request
  • Which Grant & Contract Officer is assigned to your request
  • Any pertinent signature dates to your request

The database is not a document repository. If you don't have a copy of the signed agreement within your department, we may be able to provide those upon request too. Please reach out to and provide the MTARF and/or UFRA ID # with your inquiry.

How to look up records in UFRA database.


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