Sunsetting Inquiry, Introducing UMN Research


Thank you for being an Inquiry reader and newsletter subscriber. Since Inquiry launched a little over eight years ago in June 2014, we produced more than 500 stories about University of Minnesota research and innovation, highlighting unique interdisciplinary collaborations, scientific breakthroughs, business partnerships and startups, and other cutting-edge discoveries from across the UMN system. While we still continue to write and share stories about UMN research, we will no longer do so using the Inquiry blog platform or newsletter. As we make changes to our website in an upcoming migration, Inquiry stories will remain available online, but they will redirect to a new location on the website.

While we have had great success with Inquiry and are proud of its high-quality writing and storytelling, the Office of the Vice President for Research, which produces Inquiry, has decided to re-focus some communications resources on more directly serving our internal UMN research community. In August, we will launch a new, monthly newsletter, UMN Research, which will support and elevate the research community by:

  • Catalyzing innovation and collaboration through dissemination of funding and partnership opportunities and events
  • Connecting researchers to resources and shared facilities that support cutting edge research
  • Promoting research ethics and compliance by providing up-to-date information on research policy and processes
  • Providing a central and reliable source of need-to-know research information

We will invite our existing Inquiry newsletter subscribers to receive UMN Research, though anyone can subscribe.

Thanks again for all of your support and interest over the years. We hope our new communications model will continue to amplify UMN research while at the same time lifting up our whole research community.