Russia/Belarus/Ukraine-Related Sanctions

The U.S. Government has imposed a variety of significant financial and export/import sanctions on Russia, Belarus, and parts of Ukraine. Some of these sanctions may impact certain University personnel and activities. Members of the research and educational community having or planning activities involving Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine should contact the Export Controls Office (ECO) as early as possible, and definitely before attempting to send any tangible goods, software, technologies, or funds to recipients located in these countries. The ECO will assess the applicable restrictions, summarized below, and explore potential options for requesting U.S. Government authorization.

Export and Re-Export Restrictions for Russia & Belarus

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry (BIS) and Security has amended the Export Administration Regulations to generally prohibit the direct and indirect export of a variety of luxury goods, microelectronics, telecommunications items, sensors, navigation equipment, avionics, marine equipment, aircraft components, and related technology and software to Russia and Belarus

Anyone planning to ship or carry tangible goods, software, or technology to Russia or Belarus must first consult with the ECO. Not all items are covered by these evolving restrictions, but determining which items are subject to which specific requirements requires a case-by-case technical regulatory analysis conducted by the ECO.

Due in part to these export restrictions, FedEx, UPS, and DHL have suspended all shipping services to Russia until further notice. Passenger air travel into and out of Russia also has grown extraordinarily difficult and expensive, both because certain countries are choosing to suspend flights and because U.S. export controls are impacting the movement and maintenance of commercial aircraft.

Financial and Banking Restrictions

The U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has also imposed targeted transactional sanctions against various banking groups, corporations, government organizations, and individuals in Russia and Belarus. Moreover, the White House prohibited new investments in the Russian economy from the U.S. or by a U.S. person, as well as the “exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly,” from the U.S., or by a U.S. person, wherever located, of U.S. dollar-denominated banknotes to Russia, among other transactions.

University students, staff, and faculty are likely to find that many transactions—payments relating to tuition, external sales, IP licenses, sponsored projects, purchases, credit/debit card use, etc.—involving accounts located in Russia or Belarus are becoming extraordinarily difficult or even impossible to complete. Any University employee planning to send or receive money to or from Russia or Belarus must consult first with the ECO.

Export/Import Restrictions for Certain Regions in Ukraine

Executive Order 14065 imposes a general prohibition on exports and imports to and from the “so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) or Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR) regions of Ukraine” (as was already the case for the Crimea region). This default prohibition applies to all “goods, services, or technology,” regardless of whether money is changing hands., OFAC has issued several general licenses that allow certain humanitarian aid and related activity to continue, but these licenses do not permit most educational and research activities. Accordingly, all travel, shipments, and collaborations involving the Crimea, Donetsk, or Luhansk region must have prior ECO approval.

Due in part to these restrictions, FedEx, UPS, and DHL have suspended all shipping services to and from Ukraine until further notice.

Although the U.S. Government has not added specific universities in the restricted regions to a federal restricted parties list, the ECO has provisionally identified the following academic institutions as falling within the scope of the export/import restrictions:

Universities in Crimea Region

Name Address

Crimean University of Culture, Arts, and Tourism

Kievskaya St., 39, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea

Kerch Polytechnic College

Voikova St., 1, Kerch, Republic of Crimea, 298306

Kgipu, a.k.a., the following alias:

  • Crimean State Engineering Pedagogical University

Uchbovyi Ln., 8, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, 295015

Sevastopol State University

Universitetskaya St., 33, Sevastopol, Republic of Crimea, 295021

University of Economics and Management

Kryms’koi Pravdy St., 4, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, 295021

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University, a.k.a., the following aliases:

  • Crimean Medical University;
  • Medical Academy named after S.I. Georgievsky

Prospekt Vernadskogo, 4, Simferopol, Republic of Crimea, 295007


Universities in Donetsk Region

Name Address

Donbas Agrarian Professional College of Luhansk National Agrarian University

Svobodi St., 23, Slavyansk, Donetsk Region, 84122

Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Vulytsya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 14, Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region, 84333

Donbas State Engineering Academy

Vulutsua Akademichna, 72, Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region, 84300

Donetsk National Medical University

Illicha Ave., 16, Donetsk, Donetsk Region, 83000

Donetsk National Technical University

Shybankova Sq., 2, Pokrovsk, Donetsk Region, 85300

Mariupol Electromechanical Technical School

Zelinsky St., 11, Mariupol, Donetsk Region, 87525

Mariupol State University

Budivel’nykiv Ave., Mariupol, Donetsk Region, 87500


Universities in Luhansk Region

Name Address

Luhansk National Agrarian University

Slobozhanska St., 68, Starobilsk, Luhansk Region, 92703

Luhansk State Medical University

Budivel’nykiv St., 32, Rubizhne, Luhansk Region, 93012

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University

Gogol Sq., 1, Starobilsk, Luhansk Region, 92703

Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University

20-A, Luhansk, Luhansk Region, 91000