Risk Intelligence and Compliance Team

Research Risk Intelligence and Compliance

The Risk Intelligence and Compliance Team (RIACT) is working to create a model for monitoring near and long-term research risks to help identify and mitigate risks in a smarter, quicker response. This will be achieved through data analytics and development of an integrated monitoring plan to implement throughout the research compliance groups at the University. 

RIACT supports the research community by facilitating the investigation of research compliance concerns, overseeing research ethics and compliance education, and assisting other ethics, regulatory, and financial compliance programs across the University.

RIACT manages the Certified Approver Community of Practice: Certified approvers are responsible for ensuring that expenditures are consistent with University policy, sponsor requirements, and applicable law.

Compliance Concerns

RIACT handles inquiries and incoming UReports regarding research compliance for RIO. View policies and procedures for reporting research-related compliance concerns, including for-cause investigations.

Responsible Conduct of Research Education

RIACT manages the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Education. Access internal and external research ethics and compliance training resources, including mandatory Responsible Conduct of Research Core Curriculum.


See a list of programs across the institution that RIACT collaborates with to deliver a culture of safety and compliance at the University

Export Controls & Foreign Influence

Export Controls is an integral program within RIACT. Visit the Export Controls Office website and the International Research Support & Guidance pages.