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A cartoon walleye, wearing a leprechaun hat, appears to jump out of the water to bite on a dollar bill

Walleye Tank Life Science Pitch Competition - March 15

February 1, 2024

Join us Friday, March 15, 3:00 - 7:00 p.m. for the spring edition of Walleye Tank, a fun startup pitch competition and tradition highlighting Minnesota life science innovators.

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Man looking at petri dish

New UMD Startup Enters the Cancer Drug Development Space

January 19, 2024

Launched in 2023, the University of Minnesota Duluth-based Rebase BioTech is currently testing 25 potential drugs with the hopes of commercializing at least one.

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Woman looking at plants in field alongside Forever Green logo

Forever Green Initiative: Developing More Sustainable Crops

January 17, 2024

UMN’s Forever Green Initiative works to develop and popularize crops with sturdy root systems suitable for winter growing, including Kernza and camelina.

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Portriat of Roger Ruan

UMN Researcher Named National Academy of Inventors Fellow

December 29, 2023

UMN researcher and inventor Roger Ruan recently earned the highest professional distinction awarded solely to inventors.

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Portrait of Dr. Rahel Nardos

Empowering Women's Health Globally: The Vision of Rahel Nardos

October 30, 2023

With a career focused on elevating the health of women in underserved communities, Dr. Nardos's works to improve safe surgery for women, especially with pelvic floor surgeries.

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Man holds white pill

UMN Research-Developed Male Birth Control Pill Enters Clinical Trial

December 18, 2023

A non-hormonal birth control pill for men based on UMN College of Pharmacy research is being studied in humans for the first time.

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Person leaning over and working on a piece of machinery in a warehouse/laboratory setting

Engineering Professor Turns to Entrepreneurship to Tackle Fast Fashion Waste

December 8, 2023

UMD professor Abbie Clarke-Sather and graduate student Paulo Alves have recently started a small company to get their textile recycling innovation, the Fiber Shredder, to market.

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Two people holding up a demonstrative check for $10,000 and a Walleye Tank trophy

UMN Startup Adialante Wins Top Division and Grand Prize at Walleye Tank

December 5, 2023

Winter Walleye Tank winner and UMN startup Adialante is working to disrupt the MRI industry with cheaper, better, and smaller MRI technology. 

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Illustration of a human head with gears representing the mind. Text: Blueprint Medtech

UMN Startup Receives $1.6M from NIH MedTech Program’s Inaugural Funding Cycle

November 29, 2023

UMN startup SecondWave Systems was included in the first round of funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Blueprint MedTech Program with a $1.6 million award.

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