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UMN Technology Commercialization
Apr 15, 2022

Technology Commercialization is excited to announce the Early Innovation Fund, a new competitive grant program to fund short-term projects that advance early-stage innovations.

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Anne Hall accepting award in front of large screen
Apr 14, 2022

As universities increasingly recognize the importance of inclusivity and diversity in academia, Anne Hall and others at Tech Comm use data analysis, targeted programming, and broader representation to lead the way to a more equitable innovation ecosystem.

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Qiuge Zhang in a lab, holding glass tubes in a gloved hand.
Apr 11, 2022

Graduate student Qiuge Zhang develops ways for bacteria to produce and deliver protein drugs to treat human diseases.

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Headshot of Tony Oman
Apr 1, 2022

According to Tony Oman, valuation is not a hard science – it’s more like a craft. Still, he had concrete wisdom to impart in the Startup Valuations 101 webinar.

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Portrait of Beth Stadler
Feb 17, 2022

Professor Beth Stadler invented microscopic nanowires that can be rapidly heated for use in nanoelectronics and potentially help make cryogenically-preserved organs available for donation.

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Stock photo of a workspace with arms of workers gesturing to items on a desk
Feb 9, 2022

The University of Minnesota's Discovery Capital Investment Program helps to accelerate the process of turning breakthrough research into commercial products by providing startups the seed funding needed in the highly critical early stages.

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medical grafting procedure in action, very close image of materials and gloved hands
Feb 2, 2022

TRUE Tissue technology is one of three finalists in AUTM's 2022 Better World Project story competition. Read about this amazing UMN tech and cast your vote today! 

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Beth Lindborg portrait, standing against a brick wall
Jan 12, 2022

Inventor Beth Lindborg is CEO of an early-stage startup company that develops novel treatments for osteoarthritis using stem cells to restore and repair existing joint cartilage.

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$5k Prototyping Prize
Nov 23, 2021

A funding opportunity for students and researchers to develop “Minimum Viable Product” prototypes. The MVP Challenge will award 20-30 grants of $1,000 - $5,000 each. Application deadline December 10, 2021.

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Chan Lan Chun in NRRI laboratory holding a petri dish
Nov 16, 2021

Environmental engineer Chan Lan Chun is working to remove harmful toxins from Minnesota's freshwater systems in order to preserve and protect our natural ecosystem, including the waterways that support wild rice.

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