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Banner reading "Sironix" in a laboratory
Oct 27, 2021

Sironix Renewables uses a patented method to make nontoxic, sustainably-sourced surfactants that replace their counterparts made from petroleum.

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Alina C. Zdechlik in a laboratory
Oct 11, 2021

Postdoc Alina Zdechlik tapped into the broad network of support and educational opportunities available at the UMN for young innovators to increase her research impact and jump start her career.

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"Minnesota's 2021 Tekne Awards Finalist"
Sep 29, 2021

UMN and Launch Minnesota have been recognized for their partnership in connecting technology entrepreneurs across the state with a multifaceted array of education, resources, and advising.

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Linda Kinkel
Sep 8, 2021

Plant pathology professor Linda Kinkel used her scientific discoveries to launch a startup company that helps farmers manage crops more sustainably and without using harmful chemicals.

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Abdennour Abbas and Michelle Bellanca sit in a laboratory
Sep 6, 2021

Abdennour Abbas, co-founder of "green chemistry" company Claros Technologies, hopes to address a state water pollution problem. 

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Hand using a pipette in a lab setting to drop liquid into a well plate
Jul 28, 2021

A Tech Comm program helps researchers share tools developed in the course of their work with others in academic and industry settings.

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Emily J. Pomeroy portrait in a laboratory setting.
Jul 26, 2021

Recent UMN grad student Emily J. Pomeroy leveraged her scientific expertise, and a knack for developing new ideas, to innovate new cell therapies for cancer.

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Pile of pills
Jul 21, 2021

RoundtableRx, a nonprofit startup launched by UMN College of Pharmacy students, is Minnesota’s first and only statewide medication repository.

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Boat tied to a dock on a lake
Jul 11, 2021

Carp Solutions, which specializes in controlling water pests, is helping investigate how goldfish are harming aquatic ecosystems.

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Allison A. Ferro (pictured left) and Mary MacCarthy (pictured right)
Jul 9, 2021

Technology Portfolio Manager Allison Ferro and Venture Program Manager Mary MacCarthy explain Tech Comm's role in advancing UMN inventions and discuss efforts to engage more women and other underrepresented groups in technology commercialization.

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